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Focus: Sea Bright Coolness Tide Ride

It’s all about letting the sun and surf shine, and scorch a little, these summer days. And there’s nothing better to take the heat off while soaking the goodness of it all up than a cool ride with the tide along a Sea Bright beach.

The scene is a reminder that the boon of the ocean’s refreshing roar is a mainstay respite, a bigger and brighter beacon that overshadows any sliver of scald.

A bit of relief has come from the sun, and the beach always beckons with cooler days of comfort ahead.

In other words, the heat wave has lifted. Phew. Better days under the sun are ahead. Take in the view, feel the relief and check out the weather forecast, from the National Weather Service, below …

Sun and surf up!

The weather forecast for the Rumson-Fair Haven area through the weekend from the National Weather Service …

Retro Rumson Beach Boys’ Stand-Off

Rumson boys’ beach time circa 1960s
Photo/ Courtesy of Cindy Crowley

A reprise in honor of those beachy days of summer and close encounters decades before pandemic thoughts, in the thick of it or coming out of it … Here’s to summer days in Sea Bright!

Call them the 60s beach boys of Rumson. They were … from Rumson and on the beach. Boys on the beach. Yeah, that’s it.

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Retro RFH Gal Pals’ Springing for Beach Time

A look back at some RFH girls contemplating life on the beach in the 1970s
Photo/George Day

While Rumson-Fair Haven area folks know better than anyone that there’s nothing quite like a good locals’ summer, there are always great days on the beach in any season in this area.

When you grow up nestled between the Shrewsbury and Navesink rivers and the ocean is a short ride, walk or run away, beaching it is never solely a summer seasonal jaunt. It’s a rite of passage, no matter what time of year.

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Simple Summer: Guarding a Sea Bright Dawn with a Friend

On Monday morning, I’m going away with my friend …

It may have been a Saturday in the Sandpipers’ famed song Come Saturday Morning, but it sure looks like this Monday captured at Sea Bright’s sunrise today by longtime Fair Havenite and Knollwood School teacher, Andy Dougherty.

When morning has broken on a final summer’s day, nothing compares to the serene veracity of the moment, especially when shared with a childhood friend.

The softness of the vivid colors, the loud silence, the magic in the clouds’ formations, the whole world inside each droplet of a wave’s crash. The hush frozen in time in a minute’s worth of snapshots.

The simplest of moments atop a lifeguard stand with a best friend. Saturday or Monday, the awakening calm of the dawn, the moment remains, many of them …

“Just I and my friend. We’ll travel for miles in our Saturday smiles. And then we’ll move on. But we will remember … long after Saturday’s gone.”

The simplest of summers. Remember the moments. Savor them. Exhale with a smile.

Retro RFH Pool Boys

Taking a dive in the Monmouth Beach Club pool with some RFH guys in the 1970s.
Photo/RFH Class of ’79 reunion slideshow

Reprise. just because … there’s no better time to dive into some summer antics …

Yes, those beach boys of RFH are back again. Is it all clear to take dive into the pool yet? And we’re not talking clear of water …

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Retro RFH Beach Boys’ Million Dollar Pyramid

Summertime with RFH buddies at the beach
Photo/courtesy of Paul Hughes

It’s a summertime Retro Pic of the Day that just had to be seen again — from another view …

Sometimes a picture is really worth a million … dollar pyramid pose. But it’s really the backstory that gets the mind churning an the pyramid crumbling. Hey, these guys could easily fall for (or on) one another. It was a a close encounter time, after all. Oh, the horror … not so much. Though things can turn into a brand of happy horrific with a bunch of RFH boys on the beach.

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Retro Rumson Gal, Her Beach Boys & a Little Club History

Rumson girl and beach boys of the 60s
Photo/courtesy of Cindy Crowley

The Rumson beach boys of the 1960s no sooner made their retro appearance than the iconic spot of their clubbing and lifeguard stand antics became a focal point of the snapshot.

And there’s a sequel with a girl added to the beach boy mix, apparently having broken up the standoff on the lifeguard stand, calming top spot. Mayhem ensued. Meanwhile, back at the club …

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Retro Rumson Kids’ Day at the P-House Beach

A day at the beach for Rumson Deane-Porter students in the 60s
Photo/courtesy of Cindy Crowley

Oh, it’s a line-up of the socially close kind, alright. Not the kind you see at those iconic Sea Bright clubs and restaurants these days. That’s for sure. Wishful thinking manifested in a normal we all want back is what we see in this Retro Pic of the Day — a close-up Rumson buddies’ day at the beach.

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