Focus: Moonlighting the Murky Way into 2024

With the New Year on the horizon, sometimes it takes some moon glow to light the way.

The murky skies may mask the stars, but the moon tells us they’re there and always within a dreamer’s reach. And what’s not to reach for when the fuzzy picture becomes perfect with a moon waxing full standing in for the hidden star atop the evergreen.

Evergreen. It’s not just the live tree’s forever color that has a bright meaning. It’s what the murky sky masks — that evergreen riverfront scene. Always there. Always lit by the moon and stars behind the sky’s dank weather veil. Always attainable as we reach for the light, dazed into the New Year.

** Thanks to Fair Havenite Susan Culbert for the misty weather pics! She spotted the spectacular moon-topped tree on a trek down River Road before Christmas and the rest by the river. **

Here’s the weather forecast for the days ahead, courtesy of the National Weather Service

Scene Around: Rumson DPW Toy Drive Santas

Rumson Department of Public Works’ 24th annual toy drive was a success.

“The Rumson DPW wants to Thank You for your support this Christmas Season. Hundreds of toys were collected and will be distributed to the Salvation Army and Child Family Services for this coming Holiday Season. THANK YOU!!” a social media by employee and Fair Havenite Nick Lenczyk said.

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Scene Around: Shining Fair Haven Baseball Diamonds

Proclamations from the governing body in hand, Fair Haven championship baseball boys posed for a picture of their shining-like-a- true-diamond moment at Monday’s Borough Council meeting.

Two teams won the championships. “Our 8U and 11U Diamond teams brought home the hardware!” Mayor Josh Halpern said in a social media post. “Proud of these fantastic and talented groups of players and coaches. I am confident this won’t be the last time we are celebrating their success. Thanks for making us all proud!”

Congrats to the Diamonds!

— Photos/Mayor Josh Halpern

Focus: RFH Tower Players’ ‘Robin Hood’ Curtain

Bow, curtain, mingle and pose. The show time tradition continues for Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Tower Players. After the final show, there’s always a time for lobby cheers, tears and smiles.

That’s what happened with this past weekend’s fall production of The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood. The players played to full houses and took their final bow at the Sunday matinee.

The after-show lobby time? Well, not only did they pose, but, as usual the cast was flanked by flowers, family and friends and, yes, even some Tower Player alumni.

The smiles are telling. All was a success. Take a look (Click on one photo to enlarge and scroll!)

And, RFH PAS reminds all that the spring musical is Anything Goes!

For this one, there was an “interest” meeting on Monday. There will also be mandatory tap workshops from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Nov. 21 and 29 and Dec. 5. Auditions are set for Dec. 11 at 4 p.m. and Dec. 12 at 6 p.m..

In line with the Anything Goes theme song, “times have changed.” Interest in the spring musical was always enthusiastic and highly competitive. Get those tap shoes tapping, players!

— Photos/courtesy of RFH PAS

Focus: A Seat and a River Time Spell Cast

Sometimes you just need to sit a spell and get let the river cast its magic.

And it will. Always does. Sunshine, crisp fall air and river mystique knows no bounds. Taking that front-row seat puts the “Ahhhhhh” into the exhale. From there, it’s all about the infinite inhale of tranquility. Thanks, too, that the intoxicating view remains a best friend that transcends time, never leaving a Rumson-Fair Haven area kid’s carefree mind.

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Focus: Throwing Sunny Shade on River Time

There’s nothing like a crisp, bright fall day down by the river. It’s nothing to throw shade on, unless, of course, an umbrella or several are involved at an iconic spot along the Navesink.

That spot would be Barnacle Bill’s in Rumson. The shade? Well, when the fiery sunshine sears that fuzzy warmth into your soul, the umbrella that shades takes the glare away, calling the view into vivid focus. Call it falling for the same old, yet always new, scene. The river time scene.

River time. It’s time forever well-spent — sunny side always up under the umbrella of a day completed down by the river.

Take a look and feel the fall riverside sunshine in your soul. (Click on one pic to enlarge and scroll. Enjoy!)

The sun is set to shine bright for the rest of the week, bringing another little waft of locals’ summer. Here’s the Rumson-Fair Haven area forecast through the weekend from the National Weather Service …


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Focus: Reuniting with RFH’s Class of ’73

They not only danced the night away, the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School Class of ’73 celebrated its 50th reunion with a full weekend of re-connecting.

Yes, that’s half a century. Yet, this crew is still in top partying shape, like it’s still 1973. The three-day gala had fewer “frees” sprinkled in than the senior schedule at RFH back in the day.

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