Focus: Reuniting with the RFH Class of ’82

What a great way to celebrate our 40th RFH reunion. Thank you to a plethora of classmates for traveling long distances back to our hometown for an epic 4 days of togetherness, laughs and a few tears … RFH Class of ’82 ROCKS!” ~ Joanne Distefano Garelli, RFH Class of ’82 Reunion Committee member

It’s been a little more than 40 years since the Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Class of 1982 did the Pomp & Circumstance graduation walk.

And this past extended weekend, a good showing of classmates showed up to celebrate those four decades gone by with four days, one for each decade, if you will, of reuniting.

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Focus: Fair Opening Faces & Moments

All was fair for sure as the Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair opened this past weekend.

This summer marked the first time since pandemic times that there was a full return to fair normalcy with the reopening of the famous dining room and full-on fair sit-down feasting service.

Most of all, there was feasting on full-on fun, tradition and reuniting. That’s because all’s always fair at the end of the summer in Fair Haven.

Take a look at the photo slideshow and photo gallery below to get a glimpse into those fair opening moments(Click on one photo in the gallery to enlarge and scroll. Enjoy!)

— Photos/courtesy of Fair Haven Fire Department Media

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Focus: RFH Class of ’77 Reunites in 45th

Well, the post-pandemic Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) reunions have been revived — with gusto.

There was a 39th recently. And the RFH Class of ’77 just celebrated its 45th. And by the looks of things, it was a festive night on July 30 at Salt Creek Grille for the main event. Of course, in the surrounding nights, there were some visits to other local RFHers’ haunts, like Barnacle Bill’s, for tradition’s sake.

Organizer Ed Apy sent some snapshots of many stellar moments.

Take a look at the photo gallery below (CLICK on one photo to enlarge and scroll!) for a glimpse into the night of reuniting …

Focus: Sea Bright Coolness Tide Ride

It’s all about letting the sun and surf shine, and scorch a little, these summer days. And there’s nothing better to take the heat off while soaking the goodness of it all up than a cool ride with the tide along a Sea Bright beach.

The scene is a reminder that the boon of the ocean’s refreshing roar is a mainstay respite, a bigger and brighter beacon that overshadows any sliver of scald.

A bit of relief has come from the sun, and the beach always beckons with cooler days of comfort ahead.

In other words, the heat wave has lifted. Phew. Better days under the sun are ahead. Take in the view, feel the relief and check out the weather forecast, from the National Weather Service, below …

Sun and surf up!

The weather forecast for the Rumson-Fair Haven area through the weekend from the National Weather Service …

Focus: Balmy, Palmy Sea Bright Surf & Skyline

There’s nothing quite like seeing the New York skyline as if it’s in the palm of your Sea Bright beach.

And it is, even though the palm trees aren’t indigenous to Sea Bright by a long shot — and a lot longer than the distance to that skyline. But, whatever works to bring the Sea Bright locals’ scene into perspective.

What works is taking the time to take in the view of what’s surrounding you on a summer’s day. It’s what’s home to and in the heart of those in the Rumson-Fair Haven area every day. From the sand to the surf to the palms to the skyline, there’s always something new in the view — something to savor. Something to make you exhale, knowing that you’re home.

Take it all in. Find the subtle differences in perspective. Find the little things. See what matters in the big picture. Exhale the comfort of home.

Enjoy the view, click to enlarge one photo and scroll for the full picture. Find those little things and find out what’s in store this weekend and into next week with the area weather, courtesy of the National Weather Service …

— Photos/Elaine Van Develde exclusively for R-FH Retro

Focus: Taking a Summer Stand in Sea Bright

Sometimes you just have to take a stand — one to guard your life in a special way. The notion holds true especially in the summertime in Sea Bright.

When a beautiful summer’s day winds down, the scene become serene and the view clearer from the mind’s eye, no matter where you’re looking. From an abandoned lifeguard stand, it’s just all the sweeter a sight — as far as the New York skyline or as close as the shoreline and some child’s play or local scene home-in with a content sigh.

Taking a stand to take in all that’s home and a beach always gives perspective. Taking it in with ease and awe makes the sigh all the more grateful.

So, take a stand with us and take in the view — grande and microcosmic, there’s something to see and sigh for in every corner. Ahhhhh … That’s summer life that’s a beach in the heart of the Rumson-Fair Haven area kid.

Click on one photo to enlarge and scroll. Enjoy!

—Photos/Elaine Van Develde exclusively for R-FH Retro

The view will remain clear for days now … until Saturday’s rain. Take a look at the week’s weather forecast from the National Weather Service …

Scene Around: Fair Haven Fire Department Finery

It was a banner weekend for the Fair Haven Fire Department.

The forever Fair Haven group of volunteer firefighters, first aid tenders and auxiliary helpers swept some awards at another company’s 150th anniversary on Saturday and the next day celebrated the old and new with its traditional Old Timers’ Day.

Fair Haven, with it’s unique white trucks, has always stood out at parades and celebrations. This past weekend it was at Freehold Fire Department’s 150th anniversary that the department shone bright with its sharp, gleaming white apparatus and membership.

The department garnered first-place awards for: Most Active Members Present; Best Appearing Command Vehicle; Best Appearing Pumper 6-15 Years; Best Appearing Ambulance; and Best Appearing Rescue (light or heavy). A second-place award was won for Best Appearing Motorized Antique.

Congratulations, FHFD!

Then, on Sunday, the crew gathered to celebrate fire company tradition with a blend of generations, the old and new, in Old Timers’ Day. This gathering of all that’s good in connecting through volunteering and friendship for the community is a tradition that dates way back.

There are casual contests, fun, food and fire department family bonding. This fire company kid vividly remembers a tug of war and egg toss miserably lost. There may have been a two-legged race with sister tossed in the failures somewhere. Yet, everyone wins with this fire company day.

Take a look at the above photos, courtesy of the FHFD, for a glimpse into the win and Old Timers’ Day Gathering. (Click on one to enlarge and scroll.) Cheers to FHFD tradition! And, who won the egg toss?

Focus: An Eco Rally for the Rivers

They rallied for the rivers in Rumson.

The 4th Annual Rally for the Two Rivers Eco-Fest, hosted by Clean Ocean Action (COA) on Saturday at Victory Park was a success, organizers said. Hosted by Clean Ocean Action (COA) and the Rumson Environmental Commission (Rumson EC), the event designed to raise awareness of waterway mindfulness for a healthy environment had about 200 attendees.

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