Retro Rumson Beach Boys’ Stand-Off

Rumson boys’ beach time circa 1960s
Photo/ courtesy of Cindy Crowley

A reprise in honor of those “just beachy” days of summer … Here’s to summer days in Sea Bright!

Call them the 60s beach boys of Rumson. They were … from Rumson and on the beach. Boys on the beach. Yeah, that’s it.

Truth be told it’s doubtful they were singing or strumming guitars. Instead, these beach boys of Rumson were more likely involving themselves in some sort of stand-off on the unguarded lifeguard bench. All dressed up, too, not suited up, clearly with antics of some sort stewing on the hot sand. Perhaps a junior exec coup? Na. Just taking a stand on the beach at another of those classic class trips back in the late 1960s.

This one isn’t a trip back in time to Peninsula House, though. Check out the club buildings. Sea Bright’s a definite. But the iconic spot this time? Just where were these kids clubbing it? Hint: An old timer of Rumson told us that this is a truly iconic spot as far as beach clubs go. It’s bigger and fancier now. That’s what happened after Superstorm Sandy. Name before and after?

These Rumson kids are truly just being kids. Is that ever a new normal?

An old classic normal is kids not being able to resist climbing all over a lifeguard stand. Even if it’s overturned, there’s just always been something very alluring about the mystique, or jungle gym potential, of a lifeguard stand. Irresistible.

Anyone ever get to sit with the lifeguard? Blow their whistle? Maybe that’s what this pic is all about. A duel for a spot at the top of the coveted, upright stand? Hmmm …

Know who these beach boys of Rumson are? And whose beach and stand are they anyway?

Thanks to RFH grad Cindy Crowley for contributing this classic snapshot of the past!