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Weekly Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge Travel Advisory

After a Memorial Day with no construction, Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge replacement continues Tuesday through Thursday during the usual 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. hours and a cut 3:30 p.m. on Friday and one major development in bridge traversing. The sidewalk across the bridge has been reopened.

Monmouth County officials’ travel advisory for users of the bridge roadway, sidewalk and waterway is as follows …

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Scene Around: RFH Senior Pre-Prom Stylin’

Yes, they were all dressed up with a couple of places to go — a pre-prom party and the actual Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Senior Prom.

The proms of these days are not your ’60s, ’70s, ’80s or ’90s proms. And that makes sense, of course. These days, the pre-prom party is a show of its own. All the prom goers, with or without dates, and their families go to a host’s house to get their prom on sans any alcohol before the main event. The prom goers are even breathalyzed to ensure a safe, fun night.

This year the pre-prom party was at a home on Rumson Road. And, from what we hear and the looks of things, a banner time was had by all. Why not? All the elements of a good gathering were there: the place, the people, the mood and, of course, the fashion.

Speaking of fashion … The guys’ dress is a whole event unto itself this era. These days they sport anything from pretty formal to smart casual and pretty preppie shorts and dress sneakers, if there is such a thing — and there is. Gone are the days of polyester pastel tuxedoes with frilly shirts. Thank the fashion gods. Though, these guys sported an awful lot of preppie pastels. Very sharp and fitting for each boy’s personal taste and personality.

The girls? Well, they were fashionably gowned out and coiffed. Looks like long has remained fashion forward. In fact, it looks like red carpet time for these girls.

It’s been rolled out and rolled up. The party’s over, but the freeze frames remain. Until next year … Prom party on!

— Photos/Jenny Costello, Joanne Formisano and Chris Rodriguez

Retro Rumson Eighth Graders’ Memorial Day

Rumson Boy Scouts at Memorial Day service circa early 1970s
Photo/George Day

Monday marks an official post-pandemic return to Memorial Day in the Rumson-Fair Haven area of the traditional kind. The day, usually kicked off by parades in Rumson and Fair Haven and solemn services at Victory and Memorial parks, respectively, brings people in communities together. Groups, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, honoring those who sacrificed their lives in service to the country, is the usual visual.

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In Memoriam: Fair Haven Native, Rumson High Grad, Parker Family Health Clinic Founder, Shirley Parker, 100

Fair Haven native Shirley Parker “peacefully and gracefully rose to her reward of everlasting life, surrounded by love, on May 21.” She had turned 100 on Jan. 17.

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A Mother’s Day Salute to R-FH Area Moms Through the Generations

Reprise! We’ve said it every year; and we’re saying it again this year …

Happy Mother’s Day to Rumson-Fair Haven area moms of the past and present!

You put the coffee on. You called for us when dinner was ready. You held on tight when we needed a hug. You wiped our dirty little faces, sopped up tears and runny noses. You were there, front and center, at many a school open house, game, play, concert and, yes, principal’s office visit.

You welcomed the neighborhood kids as if they were your own. You wrote all those notes to get us out of gym class (because some of us were clods). You shook your heads in disbelief over our antics and yelled our full names like a loving banshee when you were mad. You had our backs. You were just plain there — the unshifting foundation of a community through the years, building a legacy.

Thank you. We remember those who are gone and salute those who carry on …

— Elaine Van Develde

Photos/courtesy of Facebook friends