Retro RFH Tower Players’ Play Time

RFH Tower Players costumed and playing in 1977
Photo/RFH Yearbook

It’s that time of the RFH school year when all good show folk band together as Tower Players get to work on producing the spring musical. This year playing means the players are back on the RFH stage performing in Mama Mia! It’s opening on Friday. And there’s always the past … 

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Focus: Spring River Time Chill

It’s springtime down by the river; and the livin’ is, well, chilly. Still, things are still always easy when there’s river time in Fair Haven.

After a tease of spring warmth and bloom, the winter sting has pierced through again. A little river time on the Navesink, down by the Fair Haven Dock, always makes things toasty, though, shiver be damned.

River time reflection makes all cozy when cold takes hold. In this stark, frigid niche, all is warm, embracing. It will always take you in when life gives you the boot.

Take in the view and know that warmth is here, at home, where there’s always a friend. (And don’t forget to click on one pic to enlarge and scroll. Enjoy!)

The chill remains, with threats of snow this week. Then, the sun returns. Take a look at this week’s weather outlook for the Rumson-Fair Haven area from the National Weather Service …

Retro RFH Spring Catch

The RFH boys of spring baseball season Photo/George Day
The RFH boys of spring baseball season
Photo/George Day

A reprise from 2015, just because a great way to kick off a spring weekend is with a toasty memory of some 70s RFHers bonding over a casual game of catch and lifetime friendship … 

Bases are loaded and spring has officially sprung. And there’s nothing like heeding to a little spring fever on the ball field. The season’s right, after all.

No time like, well, 40 or so years ago for a little impromptu game under the bright sun with some RFH pals who knew what playing the RFH field meant.

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Scene Around: A Rumson Officer & the Schools

Rumson Police Special Officer II Dawn Shields in Rumson schools with Superintendent John Bormann & Police Chief Scott Paterson
Photo/Rumson PD

There’s a new Rumson police officer in town.

Her name is Dawn Shields and she is officially the newest member of the Rumson Police Department, the department announced in a social media post. Shields is a Special Law Enforcement Officer Class II. Special II officers are auxiliary, part-time officers who have basically the same authorizations as a permanent officer in a department. They are authorized to carry a weapon and have the power to make arrests and other functions similar to those of a full-time officer.

She comes to Rumson after retirement from a 26-year career with the Red Bank Police Department, the post said. Shields, in her tenure as a Red Bank officer, was a “School Resource Officer and D.A.R.E/L.E.A.D. instructor,” it added.

She will be doing more of the same in Rumson schools.

“We are happy that Dawn can now share her knowledge and experience in Rumson while protecting our schools,” the post concluded. “Welcome S/O III Shields!!”