Scene Around: Clamming Down in Rumson

Clam down! Dig it! A new year is coming!

In so many puns, that’s what’s going on with at least one family of Rumsonites and Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School grads. They’ve been clamming down for some time now. But, the sun came out the other day and RFH Class of ’78 grad Doug Borden and daughter Devon, also an RFH grad … were at it again. This has become a family affair habit of the bivalve kind. This father-daughter duo hit the sand by the river and dug themselves up some more clams yesterday. There have been other Borden duo digs recently, too, involving the other kids.

No, they haven’t considered the profession, which can be quite lucrative, yet arduous, raking away in the sea with a high capsizing risk on a bad day. Still, their new pastime rakes in a lot of clams.

They’re sticking with the river banks. They family clam diggity diggers have done it before and, well, gotten quite clammy over the whole idea. Dig that. And they did. They just hit the sand and dig. Dinner. River bank to table.

No doubt, the scenery is great, but the bivalves are fresh and homegrown — perfect for the holiday palate. Nothing like dinner from the back yard, especially when it’s down by the river.

Dig that, clammy! Clam down on it!

Retro RFH 80s Girls Auld Ichabod’s Acquaintance

RFH Class of ’83 girls’ Christmas night get-together at Ichabod’s
Photo/Jill Sorrentino

Well, we know full well that in the rare event auld acquaintance be forgot, there’s always a reminder of what was — and how unforgettable it is. This time the auld acquaintance is among a gaggle of girls who are all still friends from the RFH Class of ’83.

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Scene Around: A Bridge to Frosty?

Frosty & Family and a Christmas tree adorn the Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge construction equipment
Photo/John Lembeck

Where’s Frosty? Well, he and his family have apparently decided to take a stand, celebrate the holidays, bridge tend a bit and soak up the view of the Shrewsbury River.

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Prosecutor: 25- and 24-Year-Old Get More than 30 Years in Prison for 2019 Murder

Two men have been sentenced to more than 30 years in prison each for their respective roles in the 2019 shooting murder of a 23-year-old Asbury Park man at the Prospect Avenue basketball courts, Monmouth County Prosecutor Raymond S. Santiago announced on Thursday.

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Oh, Holy … Crap, Santa!

Santa trauma with the Winnie twins 2021
Photo/courtesy of Jessica Masi via Magical Encounters, Freehold

Reprise … just because ’tis the season … This one’s originally from Dec. 13, 2021.

Yes. ‘Tis the season. And in the true spirit of the season, we know there’s one on every Santa lap — that “scared o’ him” miserable child.

We asked and we got … a doozy in 2021, so we just have to show it again, for posterity. It’s a prime example of seasonal “Oh, holy … crap of an experience.” In this case, Santa joined in the misery while loving the company of poor little Bryson Winnie of Aberdeen. Now, that’s a new one — Santa getting in on the trauma reality show. It’s a classic, too.

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