Retro Rumson Kids’ Beach Daze at ‘P’ House

A day at the beach for Rumson Deane-Porter students in the 60s
Photo/courtesy of Cindy Crowley

Oh, it’s unofficial summertime. And Rumson-Fair Haven area folks have been soaking up the positive beaching it vibes and renewal of close encounters with their days at the beach and clubbing it, as they do.

It’s a characteristically social bunch bonding. A lot of that summer bonding was just all part of growing up in the area, clustering in certain iconic Sea Bright spots every summer. Beaching it with the brood, let’s say.

You could also say, for Rumson-Fair Haven area kids, the summer beach bonding all started with those nearly daily summer trips and beach club staycations over the bridge to Sea Bright. And in the 1960s, there was a group of little Deane-Porter Elementary School tykes who clamored together for one of those firsts that started decades’ worth of a trend for locals.

This trip to the beach for a class full of little ones at Rumson’s Deane-Porter Elementary School took them, buddied up and bunched together, far from socially distant, to what was Elliot’s Beach Club, which became Chapel, next to the iconic Peninsula House that we see in the background. Who could miss it?

There they were, for that day at the beach, among friends they’d end up having cocktails and dancing with in the very same spot years later.

They were also among some 60s-clad parents sporting some smart cat eye sunglasses and pedal pushers (or clam diggers, if you please). Snazzy!

And, for what, exactly, is the line? Hmmmmm …

Your first beach excursion? The beach? What did you wear? A yellow polka dot bikini or some pedal pushers? Your RFH beach buddies?

Many thanks to RFH alum Cindy Crowley for this gem look back in R-FH area time!

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