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Retro RFH Weekend Warriors

RFH girls of the 80s party time
Photo/courtesy of Leslie Field Bell

Cheers to the spring sun, fun and RFH teen weekend warrior times!

Yes, there’s nothing quite like a toast to warmer times retro RFH style! The spring sun is finally out, things are warming up to a summertime temperature and it’s time for a time honored party — or at least a partying spirit.

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A Mother’s Day Salute to R-FH Area Moms Through the Generations

Reprise! We said it last year, and we’re saying it again this year …

Happy Mother’s Day to Rumson-Fair Haven area moms of the past and present!

You put the coffee on. You called for us when dinner was ready. You held on tight when we needed a hug. You wiped our dirty little faces, sopped up tears and runny noses. You were there, front and center, at many a school open house, game, play, concert and, yes, principal’s office visit.

You welcomed the neighborhood kids as if they were your own. You wrote all those notes to get us out of gym class (because some of us were clods). You shook your heads in disbelief over our antics and yelled our full names like a loving banshee when you were mad. You had our backs. You were just plain there — the unshifting foundation of a community through the years, building a legacy.

Thank you. We remember those who are gone and salute those who carry on …

— Elaine Van Develde

Photos/courtesy of Facebook friends

Scene Around: A Fair Haven Author & Her Honor

Write on!

That’s the literal sentiment around the Rumson-Fair Haven towns and far beyond concerning Fair Havenite Jane Waterhouse’s recent honor for her legacy memoir Valor in Action. The book spotlights the artwork of her father, U.S. Marine Colonel Charles Waterhouse, who, in his final years, illustrated the valorous moments of hundreds of American heroes in wartime.

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Retro RFH Mathematical Teaching Moments

RFH math teachers of the 1970s
Photo/RFH Yearbook

It all adds up. Good teachers plus intriguing personalities equals motivated, successful students. And, no matter how you put the equation together at RFH, there was no zero involved when it came to high school math teachers.

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Retro RFH English Teaching Moments

RFH English teachers of the 1970s
Photo/RFH ’78 Yearbook

It’s all about writing what you know, as they say. So, since it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re stepping back several decades to show some appreciation for RFH teachers we knew and some of their teaching moments, profound or not, that stuck with us.

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Scene Around: Proud, Pint-Sized Hoops Champs

Fair Haven Boys Basketball Team gets a proclamation for its championship
Photo/screenshot of Zoom Borough Council meeting

They had no idea what a proclamation was, but the third grade Fair Haven Boys Basketball Team was present and proud to accept the honor for winning the 2022 Mid-Monmouth Championship from Mayor Joshua Halpern at Monday night’s Borough Council meeting.

The view of the meeting room showed a near-capacity crowd there for the boys as the mayor gathered them to explain the honor he was bestowing on behalf of a proud borough.

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