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A Retro Happy Thanksgiving from the Kids’ Table

Thanksgiving at the kids' table in the 1960s with Kate and Ben Hamilton Photo/Hamilton family
Thanksgiving at the kids’ table in the 1960s with Kate and Ben Hamilton
Photo/Hamilton family

Our annual Thanksgiving tribute to the kids’ table … Remember that? Happy Thanksgiving, all! Stay safe. Stay healthy. Enjoy!

It’s Thanksgiving, and, yes, it’s all about giving thanks.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day is an ode to just that.

It’s a snapshot back in time to the 1960s with a sibling duo from Fair Haven — Ben and Kate Hamilton. Ben passed away and Kate had posted this picture on Facebook giving thanks for him. RIP, Ben.

The photo brings back memories of the era the kids’ holiday table. Remember that one?

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In Memoriam: Fair Havenite Patrick McDermott, 87

Fair Havenite Patrick “Paddy” Joseph McDermott, “beloved husband, father, pop-pop, brother, uncle and friend was called home early Monday,” Nov. 21. He was 87.

Paddy was surrounded by his family at the time of his death, as he was in life. It gave him a great sense of peace, because he knew where everyone was; and that was a requirement in his book.

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Focus: A Fall for River Time Sunscape

When the sun sops up the fall clouds so it can peer through for a little glimpse back to summer, it’s time for river time.

Rowing, strolling, sitting … any way is the best way to move forward and go back to that warm niche that always has a place for someone in its heart. The place where, no matter what, that sun always manages to peek through and shed light on all those little big things that matter most — one ray at a time.

Any way to move back to that light on those river times is the way to go. And they went. They always do. And they hold onto it for a rainy day.

The rainy days and chill are coming back. But there’s never a damper on Fair Haven river time.

— Elaine Van Develde

Take a look (CLICK on one photo above and scroll. Enjoy!). Here’s what’s coming in those rainy, colder days ahead, according to the National Weather Service

An R-FH Area Veterans’ Homage

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Our annual Veterans Day tribute (Click on the right corner icon to enlarge and the arrow of the above slideshow. WAIT for it to upload and play. Click one of the photos in the above gallery to enlarge and scroll.)

Their faces are the faces at the core of a close-knit community. Some have passed. Some are still with us. They are cherished. They are veterans.

They were and are neighbors, dads, and just plain friendly faces around the Rumson-Fair Haven area towns.

They served. They fought for freedom.

They lived and still do live their lives with hometown pride, honor and respect. They were, they are founding fathers, friends. They were, they are cornerstones of the sense of community that is the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

The gift of their legacies bears no upscale real estate market value. They passed along a love of country and community that is priceless.

Thank you, on Veterans Day, to the veterans of the area who have passed and those who are still with us. You are cherished, honored.

Take a look at some of their faces and remember the legacy they carry.

— Elaine Van Develde

— Photos, courtesy of families of the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

Fair Haven Meeting Notes & Quotes

Monday’s Fair Haven Borough Council meeting was a workshop meeting.

In workshop meetings, things are what they sound like. The governing body “workshops” issues. They mull ideas and prospective solutions. We will say “mull” to go with the fall season, like spiced cider. And, just like that, things can get spicy at council meetings. But not on Monday. There was more humor going around on the dais.

Here are some nuggets of information gleaned from the meeting …

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Focus: Benched at the River

Benched. It implies punishment of sorts. Not when you’re parked on a time capsuled bench at the river on the Fair Haven Dock.

And when the daytime sun drenches the seat you pick, all that’s wrong with anyone’s world seems to melt through the cracks, lifting the light in the spirit to meet the one in the sky.

Call it high hopes. The soaring, soothing warmth of it all just doesn’t reach higher heights, as long as benched time is river time … soaking it up. Diving back into time, sopping up the comfort of those feelings linked to the memories down by the river. Not a bad one there. Benched.

(Click on one of the photos above to enlarge and scroll. Remember and enjoy!)

There will be lots of sun to sop up on a riverfront seat this week. Here’s the weather forecast for the Rumson-Fair Haven area from the National Weather Service.

In Memoriam: Longtime RFH Teacher, Counselor, Coach & Fair Havenite, Debby Connolly, 81

“We will remember Debby most for her sunny disposition, kind and gracious manner, and the positive influence she had on the lives of many people, young and old … The glass was always half-full with Debby and she always had a kind word for everyone. She was beautiful inside and out and always carried herself with beauty, grace, and elegance. She will be missed by many.”

Loved ones of Debby Connolly in her obituary
Debby Connolly
Photo/family via Thompson Memorial Home

Longtime Fair Havenite and Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School teacher, Deborah S. “Debby” Connolly, passed away peacefully at home on Oct. 27, surrounded by family. She was 81.

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Retro Sandy Heroes: Alabama Power

Nine years ago there was an awful lot of darkness and confusion in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

Then came a band of power company heroes to shed some light and offer a whole lot of relief for weary residents in the Rumson-Fair Haven area who went without power for roughly two weeks.

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