Retro RFHer’s Sea Bright Beach Cruise

Sea Bright beach cruise in the 70s
Photo/Glenn McCauley

There’s nothing quite like a beach cruise — in the parking lot of any Sea Bright beach in the 70s.

That was the idea, basically, for many RFHers in the summer of … probably 1975 or so. Still is, really. But the summer cruising on an any-day-of-the-week afternoon in Sea Bright always stopped with a parking somewhere along that beach wall and a day at the beach.

This cruiser is a Blake with a beach state of mind, which was just how it was with RFHers taking a trek over that bridge and to the beach pretty much every day.

His cruise mobile is a classic mid-70s Ford Granada. Remember that one? Looks like a wild ride in the parking lot with him behind the wheel.

There’s a VW Beetle next to him, a true classic and favorite of the era. Of course, parents frequently called it a death trap, but we defiantly drove the thing with the engine in the back. And a wild ride it was.

But, there’s also that parents’ wood-paneled wagon in this shot. Now, that was classic! Who remembers the seat in the wayyyy back that flipped up and faced the driver behind you? Remember waving to them and annoying the crap out of them? Never mind seat belts. That idea sure was a fun ride and invite to disaster in an accident. Who’d have thought? Not us, that’s for sure.

All that mattered was the ride and destination. This Sea Bright destination was every RFHer’s destiny on a summer’s day. How was the day spent, besides tanning with baby oil and iodine? Anyone? Your idea of the best beach day as a teen? Oh, and caption this one …