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Retro Rumson Class Tripping with Appreciated Teachers

There’s nothing like some fine elementary school teaching moments … at the beach … with ice cream … and cool teachers sporting cat-eye sunglasses and pedal pushers.

That was the scene in this photo of Rumson Deane-Porter Elementary School second graders on a field trip in the late 1960s.

This week is all about teacher appreciation. And, on a sunny day in this dark, historic pandemic time, we take a look back and appreciate some warmth, closeness and fuzzy good memories of a day at the beach with teachers Mrs. Waters and Miss Deane. They were the kind of teachers to whom many an elementary tyke got very attached. All told, there was a lot of teacher crushing going on in this class.

So, it stands to reason that a class trip to the beach, with ice cream treats, no less, only endeared students more to these two teaching gems. The proof lies in this snapshot of an awful lot of warm teaching moments, courtesy of hip teachers and their passel of future RFH students staying close, totally content with their treats and good vibes. Mrs. Waters lived in Rumson and raised several children who were RFH students. Remember them? Her? How about Miss Deane?

Remember the days of the school trip, staying close and having a trip buddy so you would’t get lost? Who was yours? Know these kids? Memories of these teachers?

Many thanks to RFH alum Cindy Crowley for this great snapshot back in time!

A Showing of Student Art at Deane Porter

The annual Deane Porter School Art Show is highly anticipated by the Rumson community. This year was no exception.

Original work by students in kindergarten through third grade was showcased on the evening of May 19.

“The annual Art Show is a fantastic event that showcases the creative, imaginative, and beautiful work of the Deane Porter students,” Deane Porter Art Teacher Robin Yaeger said. “My students work hard in the art room week to week; and having the opportunity to show the community their masterpieces is a very rewarding experience for them and for me.”

Featured projects by grade level:

• kindergarten — paper sculptures, Chinese lanterns, stuffed fish, Monet landscapes, and self-portraits in which students imagined themselves as kings and queens;
• first grade — turtle sculptures, Chinese dragons, self-portraits in Starry Night by Van Gogh, and weavings;
• second grade — ancient Egyptian portrait masks with digital cartouches, African-inspired masks, coil pottery, and Picasso portraits;
• third grade — Dia de los Muertes sugar skulls, Kimmy Cantrell faces, slab pottery, and Matisse-inspired collages.

Digital art was featured once again, as Deane Porter has received additional iPads for use by art students in all grades. The iPads were purchased through a PTO grant.

— Edited press release from the Rumson School District

Lunching with a Loved One at Deane Porter

Enjoying Lunch with a Loved One at Deane Porter School are Joseph Whitehouse and his grandmother Elaine Sourlis and Maria Ursino and her cousin Cecilia Ciambrone, and Reagan Haley and her grandmother Ginger Kriegel. Photo/Rumson School District
Enjoying Lunch with a Loved One at Deane Porter School are Joseph Whitehouse and his grandmother Elaine Sourlis and Maria Ursino and her cousin Cecilia Ciambrone, and Reagan Haley and her grandmother Ginger Kriegel.
Photo/Rumson School District

Love was in the air as the Rumson Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) presented its annual Lunch with a Loved One at Deane Porter School recently.

Students kindergarten through third grade enjoyed a luncheon celebration with a special person in the special Valentine’s Day themed event on Feb. 15.

“Families and schools belong together, and Lunch with a Loved One allows us the opportunity to come together for a fun event,” Deane Porter School Principal Shari Feeney said. “It’s great to see the smiles on everyone’s faces and hear the laughter as they share lunch with their friends and loved ones.”

The PTO provided bottled water and an array of home-baked treats, snacks, gluten-free snacks, and pre-packaged peanut-free items as well as fruit and granola bars in the Deane Porter gym festooned with Valentine’s Day decor.

— Edited press release from Rumson School District

Schools Technology: Rumson Students and ‘The Hour of Code’

“Teaching kids to code is just as important as teaching them any other language. And the younger they start learning it, the better,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook at a Dec. 9 technology forum for the Rumson School District.

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Rumson Students Get Awareness Check on School Violence

In an effort to commemorate the state-designated School Violence Awareness Week, the Rumson School District recently hosted some special events to educate students on how to avoid violence.

Deane-Porter students participated in what was dubbed Peace Week, from Oct. 19 to 23, during which they engaged in activities design to promote peace, kindness and compassion within the school community.

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A Special Year’s End RFH Bio Lesson for Deane-Porter Students

When AP Biology students at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) thought outside the box recently, they created a winning situation for all involved.

Faced with the task of completing an end-of-year project, the students embraced a novel idea suggested by their teacher Valerie Kilar — to share what they had learned with students in kindergarten through third grade at nearby Deane-Porter School in Rumson.

“My six-year-old daughter Madelyn is a student at Deane-Porter, and she enjoys attending events at the high school with me and interacting with the ‘big’ kids,” said Kilar. “Since the end-of-year project should be something fun and meaningful, I thought it would be perfect if my students created science books and taught lessons to the students at Deane-Porter.”

Kilar contacted Madelyn’s Kindergarten teacher, Gina Varanelli, about organizing the visit. Varanelli worked out the logistics and connected Kilar with other teachers at the school.

The RFH students worked in groups to create lesson plans and produce books describing scientific terms and processes in a way that could be comprehended by elementary school students.

The participating RFH students and their assignments …

• Jack Luby and Jackson Reid – Venus Fly Trap, Shellie Miller’s kindergarten class
• Willie Freeman – Litter/Pollution, Brooke Huff’s kindergarten class
• Oliver Heins, Ted Schroeder, and Chris Tuttle – Butterfly Metamorphosis, Sara Stanziola’s kindergarten class
• Jen Andreacchi – Biomes, Karen Newman’s Kindergarten Class
• Robin Green and Emma Paulus – Symbiosis, Gina Varanelli’s kindergarten class
• Charlotte Miller and Fini Satzke – Genetic Traits, Carissa Azzaro’s first grade class
• Abigael Donohue and Olivia Rosenberg – Clouds, Bridget Albrizio’s second grade class
• Jessica Browne and Jackie Kho – Food Chains, Keri Lecorchick’s second grade class
• Shea Davis and Sean Dunphy – Astronomy, Colleen Henrikson’s second grade class
• Tristan Kilper, Noah Tucker, and Brianna Worobel – Water Cycle, Ken Grasso’s second grade class
• Clara Eskwitt – Levels of the Ocean, Jill Cox’s third grade class
• Katherine Hill, Megan Klem, and Campbell Lee – Challenges for Living Things, Megan Manney’s third grade class

Kilar hopes to make the event an annual collaboration.

“I am proud of all the thought and creativity the RFH students put into their children’s books and lessons,” said Kilar.

— Rumson School District press release

For Art’s Sake: Showing Off Artwork at Deane-Porter

Talented students recently shared their artwork at the Deane-Porter School Art Show.

The exhibit featured the creations of students in kindergarten, first, second, and third grades.

The featured art included: Monet-inspired landscapes, cool color penguins, symmetrical butterflies, crazy pumpkins, self-portraits as king or queen, and texture trees (kindergarten); Chinese New Year dragons, Kandinsky-inspired concentric hearts, painted and printed weaving, and snowman with percolator app (first grade); coil pots, Kachina masks, Audubon-inspired cardinals, and Faith Ringgold cityscapes (second grade); slab pottery, Greek columns, and Matisse-inspired landscapes (third grade).

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Delayed R-FH Area School Openings

All three school districts in the Rumson-Fair Haven area will be operating Friday on a staggered delayed opening schedule.

Fair Haven School District — Knollwood and Sickles schools

• Superintendent Nelson Ribon has announced that the delayed openings of the Fair Haven schools will follow the Plan B schedule, which is a two-and-a-half hour delay to prep “both campuses for students and staff.”

And, “AM Pre-K and Kindergarten both begin at 10:30; PM Kindergarten begins at 1:00, followed by PM Pre-K at 1:10. No lunches will be served,” according to the district website.

Rumson School District — Forrestdale and Deane Porter

• There will be a 90 minute delayed opening of the schools.

*Pre-school a.m. session will be open from 10:10 a.m. to noon

* K-8 will operate on a 10:10 am to 3:05 p.m. schedule

There will also be no 1 p.m. dismissal, as previously scheduled for parent/teacher conferences. They will be rescheduled, according to the website.

Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School

• The high school will open on 90-minute delayed schedule.

* Staff sign in is at 9a.m.

* The warning bell will sound at  at 9:10am.

* Period 1 starts at 9:15 a.m.

“Buses will be running this morning on a 90 minute delayed schedule,” the website says.