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Scene Around: Serenading Garfield

Sometimes when you’re looking for focus, you end up zooming in on a downright presidential moment.

It’s not every day that the lens happens to catch a little accordion music serenade of President Garfield’s statue on the Long Branch Boardwalk. What a classic moment made of the simplest of soothing pleasures — music. It looks like the president approves. I mean, he’s standing, frozen in amazement, you could say.

OK, so it’s not the Rumson-Fair Haven area, but it’s close enough when it’s a classic moment caught. Something like this takes you to the sunny side of a winter’s day. Yes, sometimes you just have to stop and listen for the music. That’s an executive order.

Anyone know what kind of accordion that is? It’s very old with exquisite detailing in the silver finish. If you had to guess, what song do you think he was or should have been playing?

While you’re pondering that, check out the weekend weather forecast from the National Weather Service …

Scene Around: A Fair Haven of Snowfall

From the still of the night to the pristine blanket in the morning, that first glimpse of a new snowfall is a window into moments of peace and purity.

However short the untainted peek, the solace it offers is generous. Enduring. So, take in the untouched Fair Haven snow moments from night to bright sunlight from the yards of three — Susan Culbert (night), Andreea Fegan/Little Bites of Joy (morning), Chris Rodriguez (light) — and exhale.

Hold on to that serenity snippet while you shovel it. Then read all about the upcoming weather for the weekend.

(Click on one photo and scroll for a full view. Enjoy!)

And here’s the weather from the National Weather Service …

Focus: Through the … Barnacle’s Wreath

Perspective. It’s all about perspective, especially when it comes to a familiar riverfront scene in Rumson. No matter what way you look at it, it’ll light you up from inside.

So focusing on the sunset view from one simple holiday vantage point offers a closer look at being home for the holidays. Staying there, always in the heart.

This time, sitting at a high-top with a Barnacle Bill’s view through a wreath wraps it up — the gift. Sun down, lights up, the reflection is all about home and the little glints we will never miss if we keep the memories alive through our lone perspective — our view.

The flicker of even one light on a wreath’s full circle lens mesmerizes. It smiles and winks back with a bright flash. A glimmer of a memory gleams. It warms. It never blinds.

Seeing the light often means looking back, focusing on that one teensy, mammoth view of one moment in time.

Once upon a time, the best of teenage girlfriends guffawed over bad engagement pictures in the paper and awful boys. They nursed some coffee and a basket of fried zucchini sticks, satiated by the salty company. Shelling peanuts and rolling them in sea salt on their crumpled paper placemats, they mused about one day missing their misadventures, about coming home after college, about coming back to their table, to their time. They always came back, even when they could no longer sit together. One left at the table, the two still came back with the flash. The view focused, full circle, bright, never lost on either of them.

Look for yours … (click, enlarge, scroll) through the … wreath.

— Photos & reflective piece/Elaine Van Develde

There’s some light in the weekend weather forecast. Here it is, from the National Weather Service. Shine on, view …

Reflection: A Fall for the River Ripple Effect

Call it a fall for reflective river time. The effects are far-reaching, staying with you wherever you go, each ripple always reaching out past the reflection to bring you home.

River reflection. Ripple effect. It’s all about taking a closer look. Noticing the little things. The mirror image. The slightest crimp in the freeze frame that emanates from the wind’s whisper. It’s hushed secret-telling.

But it’s no secret. The pilings are anchored home. Each curl that you can see in the reflection’s blur will eventually reach the shore, bringing with it the focus in that reflective microcosm of change.

It’s what keeps us all studying that one mesmerizing ripple that reached us. The one that always latches onto our toes in the sand. The one that moves back out and in with the tide. The one that brings us back home and keeps us there in the ruffled clarity of what really matters. Where it all came from — the center. Home.

All it takes is one ripple to seek you out and find you, warmed by a crisp fall moment on the banks of the river in Fair Haven.

Take a look at the photo gallery above to remember what brings you back. (And click to enlarge and scroll. Enjoy!)

It’s always river time, but fall river days are dwindling. Here’s what’s in store for the next week’s fall weather from the National Weather Service …

Focus: A Fall for River Time Sunscape

When the sun sops up the fall clouds so it can peer through for a little glimpse back to summer, it’s time for river time.

Rowing, strolling, sitting … any way is the best way to move forward and go back to that warm niche that always has a place for someone in its heart. The place where, no matter what, that sun always manages to peek through and shed light on all those little big things that matter most — one ray at a time.

Any way to move back to that light on those river times is the way to go. And they went. They always do. And they hold onto it for a rainy day.

The rainy days and chill are coming back. But there’s never a damper on Fair Haven river time.

— Elaine Van Develde

Take a look (CLICK on one photo above and scroll. Enjoy!). Here’s what’s coming in those rainy, colder days ahead, according to the National Weather Service

Focus: Benched at the River

Benched. It implies punishment of sorts. Not when you’re parked on a time capsuled bench at the river on the Fair Haven Dock.

And when the daytime sun drenches the seat you pick, all that’s wrong with anyone’s world seems to melt through the cracks, lifting the light in the spirit to meet the one in the sky.

Call it high hopes. The soaring, soothing warmth of it all just doesn’t reach higher heights, as long as benched time is river time … soaking it up. Diving back into time, sopping up the comfort of those feelings linked to the memories down by the river. Not a bad one there. Benched.

(Click on one of the photos above to enlarge and scroll. Remember and enjoy!)

There will be lots of sun to sop up on a riverfront seat this week. Here’s the weather forecast for the Rumson-Fair Haven area from the National Weather Service.

Focus: Hazy Dock Daze & Tuesdays

The view from the Fair Haven Dock is a bit askew if you’re fast forwarding from a sunny Monday to a hazy Tuesday with The Carpenters’ 1971 song Rainy Days and Mondays burrowing a massive ear worm in your head.

So, just going along with an updated Hazy Days and Tuesdays doesn’t get rid of the tune, just the lyrics. And then there’s the view from the dock. It seldom, if ever, gets one down.

In fact, it seems like there’s always a giant yellow smiley face, just like the 70s, calling all, like a siren, to the end of the dock. It’s that terminal sign that sunnier days always return. So, in anticipation of the sun and solace of the timeless view from the dock, take a look (click on one pic to enlarge and scroll), soak it up and smile.

Sunny days topped with sprinkles on top are ahead, according to the National Weather Service …

Focus: Hot, Hazy Summer Daze

They just might be called those “lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer,” as in the song, because when the heat is on and the humidity’s as high as it’s been, sluggish is the feeling one gets.

Continue reading Focus: Hot, Hazy Summer Daze

Focus: Dawn of a New Week at the Dock

Oh, what a beautiful morning! The tune is an ear worm of background music for this scene that started the day and week today in Fair Haven. And it’s not Oklahoma, either. It’s the Fair Haven Dock at sunrise.

The serene scene never gets old. And while the focus may be honed in on the familiar scene in this utopia, it changes every so slightly with each ripple of water, each sigh of contentment with each capture.

This dawn of this new day in the Rumson-Fair Haven area was freeze framed in warmth by Fair Havenite Susan Culbert.

A snapshot of embracing calm. Ahhhhhh …

The week starts with a forecast of sunny skies and warmth through Wednesday and some thunder and rain toward the end of the week, according to the National Weather Service. Take a look …

Scene Around: Dawn, Sun Soaking & Sprinkles

Friday sunrise at Monmouth Beach
Photo/Joanne Distefano Garelli

Here comes that sun. The sunrise at Monmouth Beach the other day was a good weather omen — one that washes away dank April shower days making way for the warmth of the sun and brighter days ahead.

Sunrise. Soaking up the rays of spring and the serenity of the scene on the shoreline. Dawn. It’s an awakening to a new day. Darkness giving way to light. The full picture — moon and sun.

RFH grad and Monmouth Beach resident Joanne Distefano Garelli captured it. We’re going to see more of that fiery orb this week, starting with today.

So, take it all in and exhale slowly. Keep each ray tucked away as a special “something greater than ourselves” to savor, Garelli said.

Here’s the week’s National Weather Service forecast, calling for sunshine, higher temperatures and a chance of rain mixed in. Time to revel in the light and warmth …

Focus: Riverfront Sunny Daze Spring Forward

To quote the sad hope sentiment in that red-headed orphan Annie song, “The sun’ll come out tomorrow.”

According to the National Weather Service forecast, it will. It will also peer through the clouds a bit on Wednesday. The rest of the week is a dank April showers washout.

So, here’s a little clear day’s view on the Navesink at the iconic Barnacle Bill’s and looking toward Highlands from the Shrewsbury at Sea Bright. The glimpse is a reminder of soothing sunny days and a better outlook for spring and summer.

Here’s that forecast for the Rumson-Fair Haven area … (And click on one of the photos above to enlarge and scroll. Enjoy the view and sunny springtime outlook!)