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Monmouth U Begins Pollution Study of Surfing Beaches

Monmouth University scientists and students have begun a yearlong study on the linkage between rainfall and microbial pollution at surfing beaches in New Jersey including Asbury Park, Deal and Long Branch. The work will be conducted through a $30,000 contract with the Surfers’ Environmental Alliance (SEA). 

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Retro RFH Gal Pals Falling for Beach Time

A look back at some RFH girls contemplating life on the beach in the 1970s
Photo/George Day

While Rumson-Fair Haven area folks know better than anyone that there’s nothing quite like a good locals’ summer, there are always great days on the beach in any season.

When you grow up nestled between the Shrewsbury and Navesink rivers and the ocean is a short ride, walk or run away, beaching it is never solely a seasonal jaunt. It’s a rite of passage, no matter what time of year.

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Retro RFH Beach Pyramid

Summertime with RFH buddies at the beach Photo/courtesy of Paul Hughes
Summertime with RFH buddies at the beach
Photo/courtesy of Paul Hughes

Well, the Sea Bright beaches are filled with RFHers for the summer.

It’s the start of seasonal fun and antics for RFH students on vacation or even on their last summer hurrah together before college.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day offers a peek back at some simple summer fun on the beach somewhere in Sea Bright, no doubt, with RFH buddies in the late 1970s, possibly the summer of ’80.

These guys thought it would be fun to make a cheerleader-style pyramid at the water’s edge. Remember those? And what resulted was what usually did. The antics and clowning around turned into a laugh fest and balancing act.

Wonder who fell first! Guesses, anyone?

This classic summer snapshot back in time comes from Rumsonite Paul Hughes’ photo collection. No one’s sure who took it, but there are a lot of familiar faces here.

Recognize anyone?

This is a repeat Retro Pic of the Day from June of 2016, but it’s a classic worth a second run, just in case you missed it last time … 

— Elaine Van Develde


Scene Around: Sea Bright Skeletons in the Jeep

Skeleton beach buds in Sea Bright Photo/Jennifer Weber-Zeller
Skeleton beach buds in Sea Bright
Photo/Jenifer Weber-Zeller

Skeleton beach buddies cruising in Sea Bright Photo/Jennifer Weber-Zeller
Skeleton beach buddies cruising in Sea Bright
Photo/Jenifer Weber-Zeller

Summer has started. Beach weather has been prime lately.

And while getting some beach time in at Sea Bright Public Beach, an area resident caught a glimpse of two Jeep-cruisin’ dudes who look like they got fried right to the bone, but were loving every minute of it.

Check out the view of these buddies Rumsonite Jenifer Weber-Zeller caught from the back and side of the Jeep that got these two to their sun-filled siesta destination.

Have you seen them around the towns?


Local Summer: Sea Bright Beaching


They call it local summer for a reason.

Sometimes the shore area roads are so congested with out-of-towners in the summer that its hard to even get to the beach with a buddy, even on a street where one lives.

Well, local summer has started, beaches are more sparse, buddies are back together and there’s some quiet solo solace on the shores of Sea Bright.

Take a look.

— Elaine Van Develde

Retro Summer Swim with a Special Fair Haven Couple

A day at the beach with Fair Haven's Ray and Irene Miller Photo/courtesy of Peggy Miller
A day at the beach with Fair Haven’s Ray and Irene Miller
Photo/courtesy of Peggy Miller

For former longtime Fair Havenites Ray Miller and his wife Irene, love endured 75 years.

Aptly, the love story between the 60-year Exxon station owner and his wife started with a first date on Valentine’s Day all those years ago when they were teens. They married after an eight-year courtship and never separated for 67 of the 75 years they knew one another — until Ray’s death in May.

As anyone can imagine, the two did a lot together. A lot can happen in 75 years, including the little things, like enjoying their summers at the beach.

So, since the season fits and the love of this Fair Haven couple is timeless, the Retro Pic of the Day honors both summer and love with a fun loving photo of Ray and Irene enjoying a day of frolicking at the beach decades ago.

We’re not certain whether or not it’s Sea Bright, but it’s likely.

Thanks to their daughter, Peggy, for providing the photo.

Hmmmm. Do you think he was about to toss her in? And what do you think they were saying to one another as this photo was shot? Ray was known for his jokes. Hmmmm.


A Palmy Friday in Sea Bright

They seem to be showing up everywhere. Palm trees.

No, it’s not Florida or the Caribbean. It’s Sea Bright. Maybe it’s because the skies are clearer lately that it’s more noticeable somehow, but it seems awfully palmy in Sea Bright — not that there’s anything wrong with that, as the Seinfeld saying goes.

The transplanted palms have actually been a trend on area beaches for some time now. Still, they just seemed to stick out like a sore palm (OK, corny) on Friday. Sore seems to be the right word, since they seem a bit unhealthy. And there are no coconuts!

Take a look. Do you like them or do you think Jersey should stick with a more native planting?

Donovan’s, Dunes & Diehards

— Photos by Elaine Van Develde

Sunday was true to its namesake. The sun was out … and bright.

So, people hit the beach in Sea Bright — a sign that spring had finally sprung.

While the sun was like a siren calling all beach bums back, upon hitting the beach, there was a chill in the blustery air.

So, some stuck it out, bundled up and taking advantage of the wind with kites, others abandoned the beach-going idea.

However, there were a few things to take notice of — like the bit of progress being made to bring Donovan’s Reef back, and the dunes sprouting up all over.

Donovan’s, the longtime Sea Bright summer classic for Rumson-Fair Haven area people and beyond, was flattened by Hurricane Sandy.

There were all sorts of rumors circulating that it had been sold, then the ownership announced that it would be rebuilt with a target date of last Memorial Day.

There’s a Tiki hut and accompanying thatch umbrella at the base of new staircases and it looks like there may be some hope for some sort of resurrection this summer. We’ll see.

And the dunes that were planted across the beach — some by the Fair Haven Garden Club — to stave off erosion are really taking hold.

Check out our photo gallery above for a glimpse into the day and the progress. Click on any photo to enlarge.