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Retro RFH Baseball Batting 1,000

Playing ball in the 1970s at RFH Photo/George Day
Playing ball in the 1970s at RFH
Photo/George Day

Spring is in the air — sort of — and it’s just about batter up time at RFH.

So, on the cusp of spring, our Retro Pic of the (George) Day also commemorates the coming of the baseball season — the warm-up, the game and all.

Here’s a shot from the 1970s of some RFHers playing ball. The batter up? Recognize him? How about those teammates on the sideline?

Remember these uniforms?

Thanks, again, to George Day for this and so many other great photos!

Scene Around: Shining Fair Haven Baseball Diamonds

Proclamations from the governing body in hand, Fair Haven championship baseball boys posed for a picture of their shining-like-a- true-diamond moment at Monday’s Borough Council meeting.

Two teams won the championships. “Our 8U and 11U Diamond teams brought home the hardware!” Mayor Josh Halpern said in a social media post. “Proud of these fantastic and talented groups of players and coaches. I am confident this won’t be the last time we are celebrating their success. Thanks for making us all proud!”

Congrats to the Diamonds!

— Photos/Mayor Josh Halpern

Retro RFH Batty Gym Suit Home Run

A reprise in honor of the girls, baseball season and not having to wear these horrific mandatory gym suits anymore! Strike! The suits are out! Phew! Remember the fun and the horror with us … (Be sure to CLICK on one photo to enlarge and scroll to fully experience the horror. Ha!)

It’s just plain batty! Batter’s up at RFH as baseball season is in full swing. But, looking back at some RFH 1970s games, you have to wonder when or why, exactly, there was ever a season of the ol’ gym suit, baseball or softball aside.

Really. Ponder it. Those things that made girls look like Stay Puff marshmallows, or, worse, a big baby with a onesie that had enough space for a diaper or, well … you get the picture.

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Retro RFH Girls’ Ball Game

RFH girls of softball with Amy Connor pitching Photo/George Day
RFH girls in the ball game with Amy Connor pitching
Photo/George Day

Reprise! Just because it’s that time of the year to play ball! And girls played ball, too! We take you back to a game of some sort on the field with the girls, except Nancy Welchel, of course. She was the only girl who played on the boys’ team. We’re pretty sure she pitched in on the field for the girls, too!

Baseball season is upon us. We’ve taken you out to the RFH boys ball game. Now we’re taking you to the girls’ version of playing the field.

This may not be an official RFH game, by virtue of the lack of uniforms, not to mention lack of girls on the team in those days, but it’s all about the girls this time … and having fun playing the field … and a little ball.

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Retro RFH Spring Catch

The RFH boys of spring baseball season Photo/George Day
The RFH boys of spring baseball season
Photo/George Day

A reprise from 2015, just because a great way to kick off a spring weekend is with a toasty memory of some 70s RFHers bonding over a casual game of catch and lifetime friendship … 

Bases are loaded and spring has officially sprung. And there’s nothing like heeding to a little spring fever on the ball field. The season’s right, after all.

No time like, well, 40 or so years ago for a little impromptu game under the bright sun with some RFH pals who knew what playing the RFH field meant.

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Retro Fair Haven Baseball Giants

Fair Haven Little League of the late 60s/early 70s
Photo/courtesy of Bill Acker

Little league is in full swing for 2021, but there are no Giants.

Back in the late 60s or early 70s, there was a whole team full. That team was led by forever Fair Havenite Bill Lang, who was laid to rest recently. He was a giant of a personality and volunteer for all things Fair Haven, so the team’s name was fitting.

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