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Scene Around: A Rumson Officer & the Schools

Rumson Police Special Officer II Dawn Shields in Rumson schools with Superintendent John Bormann & Police Chief Scott Paterson
Photo/Rumson PD

There’s a new Rumson police officer in town.

Her name is Dawn Shields and she is officially the newest member of the Rumson Police Department, the department announced in a social media post. Shields is a Special Law Enforcement Officer Class II. Special II officers are auxiliary, part-time officers who have basically the same authorizations as a permanent officer in a department. They are authorized to carry a weapon and have the power to make arrests and other functions similar to those of a full-time officer.

She comes to Rumson after retirement from a 26-year career with the Red Bank Police Department, the post said. Shields, in her tenure as a Red Bank officer, was a “School Resource Officer and D.A.R.E/L.E.A.D. instructor,” it added.

She will be doing more of the same in Rumson schools.

“We are happy that Dawn can now share her knowledge and experience in Rumson while protecting our schools,” the post concluded. “Welcome S/O III Shields!!”

Retro Rumson PD Line-Up

Rumson police back in the day
Photo/Rumson PD

It’s National Police Week.

With that, the Retro Pic of the Day honors the Rumson Police Department with a glimpse of its officers of the past, courtesy of a photo from the Rumson PD Facebook page.

Whatever year it was, it looks as though there were eight officers in the department then.

Our guess, considering the uniforms, that Perri Eli was chief at the time.

The photo features: Henry Kruse, James Wallace, David Kenney, Edmond Desmond, Perri Eli, John Connett, Seth Johnson and William Zerr.

Do you know who the juvenile officer was at the time? Ranks? Who was your favorite old time police officer from when you were growing up?

Have you thanked a police officer today?

— Elaine Van Develde

Remembrance: Former Rumson PolIce Chief, Longtime Rumsonite, Robert T. ‘RT’ Hoffman, 76

News of the July 18 death of former Rumson police chief and longtime Rumsonite Robert T. “RT” Hoffman prompted a flood of fond messages of condolence, remembrance and respect from locals and colleagues. He was 76.

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Scene Around: Copping a Badge of Retirement

Retired Rumson Police Sgt. Peter Koenig and Chief Scott Paterson
Photo/Rumson PD FB page

There comes a time when a policeman changes his beat and gets a badge of a different kind to walk, or ride, it.

Rumson Police Sgt. Peter Koenig retired from a 28-year (combined) career with the Rumson and Sea Bright police departments in July. On Aug. 9, Rumson Police Chief Scott Paterson issued Koenig his retirement badge and ID.

With that official off-the-beat gesture, the Rumson Police Department wished “Pete a safe and happy retirement,” the department’s representatives announced on their Facebook page.

Koenig began his career in 1991 with the Sea Bright Police Department. He transferred to Rumson in 1996, where he attained the rank of sergeant in 2005 and completed his tour as an officer of the law this past July.

Congratulations Sgt. Koenig!

Rumson Police Alert Community to Car Theft, ‘Rummagings’

In light of a recent report of one stolen vehicle and several others having been rummaged through in the overnight hours of Jan. 17 through 18, Rumson police are advising that residents lock their vehicles and remove key fobs, a Rumson Police Department Facebook post said.

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