Retro RFH Batty Baseball Times

RFH Baseball moment circa 1970s
Photo/George Day

Hey, batter, batter! Choose a bat, any bat. Get up to bat! Get in the dugout?

Call it a batty RFH Baseball scene. It’s not exactly clear what’s going on in this look back to the 1970s RFH Baseball field, but there are players not playing the field at that moment. There are bats in an old lady grocery cart and there’s a bat and helmet on the ground.

Here we see RFH Baseball player #16, head down, headed to or out of the dugout. Can you guess which RFHer from the 1970s team that is? How about the guy with the helmet?

Yes, baseball season is hitting a home run this year after some pandemic blues.

So, we are celebrating the season with another baseball Retro Pic of the (George) Day. This time, the scene captured is an off-field glimpse, pre- or post-hit.

And, note the bike in the background. That type of 10-speed was all the rage back then. Know what model it is? And who’s the unintentional photobomber by the fence?

Who do you spy? Can you caption this home run of a shot by George Day?

Many thanks, again, to the fabulous George Day for this look back in RFH time!

** George Day’s photos are exclusively published on R-FH Retro and are not for use in any other publication. **