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Retro RFH Spring Fever Frolicking

A day of spring boxing in the parking lot at RFH in the 1970s Photo/George Day
A day of spring boxing in the parking lot at RFH in the 1970s
Photo/George Day

A reprise in honor of the fight for true spring fever and emergence from winter quarantine …

Yes, spring fever is spreading rapidly as we all anxiously await more sunshine, and blooming of warmer days. Apparently, this retro RFH spring frolicking in the high school parking lot was about more than a little spring fever in the 1970s.

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Focus: Riverfront Sunny Daze Spring Forward

To quote the sad hope sentiment in that red-headed orphan Annie song, “The sun’ll come out tomorrow.”

According to the National Weather Service forecast, it will. It will also peer through the clouds a bit on Wednesday. The rest of the week is a dank April showers washout.

So, here’s a little clear day’s view on the Navesink at the iconic Barnacle Bill’s and looking toward Highlands from the Shrewsbury at Sea Bright. The glimpse is a reminder of soothing sunny days and a better outlook for spring and summer.

Here’s that forecast for the Rumson-Fair Haven area … (And click on one of the photos above to enlarge and scroll. Enjoy the view and sunny springtime outlook!)

Focus: Riverfront Sunny Side Leg Up

It’s always good to get a leg up on brighter days, especially when it involves a simple riverside adventure, a friendly hand from a childhood friend.

The picture says it all.

Soaking up the sun on the horizon is more than symbolic these days. Basking in it all at an iconic spot down by the Navesink River at Barnacle Bill’s in Rumson is, well, tradition. But it’s more poignant than ever as we begin to head out of pandemic darkness and into the light. Better weather ushers that better view into a fuzzy warm focus.

Looking to the bright side of spring …

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Focus: Bloomin’ Fair Haven Spring

Spring is officially in the air and budding up all over in Fair Haven — from home to the Navesink riverfront and in between.

Take a look at some of the scenery. (And click to enlarge and scroll!) Enjoy! Ahhhhhhh …

Retro RFH Spring Fever Drive

A little RFH spring fever springing in the 1970s? Photo/George Day
A little RFH spring fever springing in the 1970s?
Photo/George Day

A pandemic cheer reprise to warm hearts as the thaw ensues and spring fever hits …

The snow is melting. The weather is warming up. People are shedding coats for sweaters and getting out and about a little more each day.

The thaw has started. Call it classic spring fever. And it’s a more feverish fever than ever with COVID fatigue in full swing and vaccinations on the rise. Thoughts of sunny, warm, close spring-is-in-the-air antics are racing through minds, especially those of high schoolers. 

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Scene Around: Rumson Dog Daze of Spring

As everyone preps to spring forward in time, Daylight Saving, that is, it was a dog day afternoon of sunshine on the beach for many, yesterday and today.

Rumson dog Nancy (right) took a romp on the beach at Sandy Hook with Winter (left), her dog friend. In the ironic little play date pairing, the two did a little digging and imprinting and found one another’s shadow.

Nancy, the four-legged child of Rumsonite Sue Hill-Spakowski, is quite the poser. She has been seen around the towns making some keen nature observations, having tea and cavorting.

According to Nancy, spring is definitely in the air and in her step. And she’s right.

Predictions for the rest of the week and weekend, according to the National Weather Service, are that, despite a little rainfall Friday after 2 p.m. and a possibility of some snow mixing with it overnight, the outlook for the weekend is a sunny one with temperatures reaching a high of about 53 degrees on Sunday.

Forget the groundhog. Nancy knows all. Where shall we see Rumson dog Nancy next?

See something fun or interesting? Take a snapshot. Send it to us at evd@rfhretro.com and we’ll include it in our Scene Around feature for the area. Send photos with proper credit only. Focus and find the good little things that count in your community.

Retro RFH Spring Lounger

RFH spring lounging and fashion of the 1970s — John Brinkerhoff
Photo/George Day

The warmth of spring is in full bloom. And there’s nothing like parking yourself on a sunny spot on the grass to read a book or study — or plot your next spring fever antic.

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