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Retro 80s RFH Class Stand

Sometimes half a high school class just has to take a stand … or a seat … in its football stadium.

In this case, the class, or half of it, was the RFH Class of ’82. And somehow the class ended up all together at the high school’s Borden Stadium as posers rather than sports spectators.

That’s OK. It didn’t matter why they were there or how they ended up in such a collective group pose. What mattered more was that the photo ended up being a classic testament to RFH times decades ago.

First of all, let’s check out the fashion. This was a preppy picture perfect snapshot of those back-in-the-day popular wide-striped rugby shirts, plaid blazers, button down Oxford shirts and crew neck sweaters. The smiles and clowny antics? Oh, that was all RFH spirit and pure joy over taking that stand or seat in their cozy RFH class niche.

Soon there will be games to watch from that stadium for yet another football season. The spectators? They’re forever cheering from the same place for the same place — home turf.

Now, exactly what is this half of a class up to? Can you find the best group photo bomber? There are a couple of doozies in there. We know our favorite. Yours? Your favorite preppy outfit of. the era? Do the stripes get it? How about those sweaters and button downs? Hmmmmm …

There are an awful lot of stripes on these RFH stars! Ponder the take-a-Borden-stand moment of 40 years ago.

Focus: RFH Class of ’77 Reunites in 45th

Well, the post-pandemic Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) reunions have been revived — with gusto.

There was a 39th recently. And the RFH Class of ’77 just celebrated its 45th. And by the looks of things, it was a festive night on July 30 at Salt Creek Grille for the main event. Of course, in the surrounding nights, there were some visits to other local RFHers’ haunts, like Barnacle Bill’s, for tradition’s sake.

Organizer Ed Apy sent some snapshots of many stellar moments.

Take a look at the photo gallery below (CLICK on one photo to enlarge and scroll!) for a glimpse into the night of reuniting …

Stephen Sarles: Called to the RFH Principal’s Office

On the heels of new Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Superintendent Darren Groh official taking his seat in the high school office, the vice principal has been called to the principal’s office.

With his appointment approved by the Board of Education in May, Stephen Sarles has now officially heeded the call and taken his seat in the principal’s office. As he takes on this new position, Sarles will draw on his 28 years of experience in education, more than 11 of which have been spent at RFH.   

Stephen Sarles

With a master’s degree in Classical Archaeology and a bachelor’s degree in both Latin and the Classical Archaeology, Sarles began his teaching career at the university level before becoming a shared Latin teacher at RFH and neighboring Red Bank Regional High School (RBR) in 1998. 

He spent the next 12 years as a Latin and Advanced Placement Art History teacher at RBR, where he was honored as Teacher of Year in 2005 and became the school’s first International Baccalaureate Coordinator.  

From there, Sarles became an administrator, assuming the role of supervisor of World Cultures in the Ocean Township School District. There, he also oversaw the World Language Department for grades 1 through 12 and the Social Studies Department for grades 6 through 12.  

In December of 2013, Sarles became RFH’s vice principal, the role he has held until now. Sarles has been a Monmouth County resident for the past 24 years and currently lives in Oceanport with his wife and three sons.

Sarles’ appointment concludes a principal search process that began upon notice by Kevin Pfister of his resignation last spring.  

After reviewing dozens of applications and fielding many candidates in a comprehensive multi-round interview process, the in-house Sarles emerged as the standout. 

“I’m delighted to continue to grow and make an impact here at RFH, a school that truly has the best kids. They look out for each other, they have fun together and they love to learn. The sense of community here at RFH is like no other and I look forward to continuing to foster such in the years ahead.”

RFH Principal Stephen Sarles

Sarles’ previous role as vice principal will be filled by Meredith Brow in mid-August. Brow will be joining RFH from the Brick Township Public School System, where she has served as high school vice principal and elementary school principal.  

Brow’s prior teaching experience was in fine arts, graphic design, and digital photography.  “I’m very excited to be working with Meredith,” Sarles said. “Her varied experiences and perspectives will be welcome and valuable additions to all of the wonderful things we are already doing here at RFH.”

In all of his previous roles, Sarles has modeled the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and ethics for all students and has demonstrated his knowledge and passion as an instructional leader, school officials said in a released statement.

— Edited press release from RFH

Retro RFH Reunion Roustabouts

RFH Class of ’78 friends reunited at reunion in 2013
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Summertime is reunion time for all good Rumson-Fair Haven Regional     High School alumnus. In fact, the RFH Class of ’83 just had a very untraditional 39th. Hey, when the reunion spirit moves an RFHer, any year is the right one.

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Scene Around: RFH Class of ’83 Reuniting

RFH Class of ’83 39th reunion pose
Photo/courtesy of Sandi Burns

They didn’t wait for that banner even numbered 40th reunion. They just couldn’t wait.

No, The Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) Class of ’83 went ahead and had a pretty untraditional, unprecedented (at least in formal reunion style) 39th reunion over the weekend.

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Darren Groh: RFH’s New Superintendent

Darren J. Groh (center) is welcomed as RFH’s new superintendent

The new Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) District leader has taken his seat in the school’s Office of the Superintendent.

The RFH Board of Education (RFHBOE) has announced the appointment of Darren J. Groh as its new superintendent of schools.  

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Retro RFH Class of ’65 Daisy Chain Gang

RFH Class of 1965 graduation Daisy Chain
Photo/courtesy of Kim Christman

That’s the sight of the girls working on the Daisy Chain gang! When it comes to RFH graduation traditions gone, the Daisy Chain is a classic, well-remembered one. So are the links in the chain — the girls, not so much the flowers.

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Retro RFH Graduation: The Daisy Chain Girl

RFH 1978 graduation in front of the high school, replete with daisy chain
Photo/Daryl Cooper Ley

The following was originally posted in May of 2017. It is being re-run in honor of graduation, time honored traditions past and this RFH Daisy Chain girl of ’78, who passed away in February of 2018 — Daryl Cooper Ley.

In high school social circles, it was considered a popularity status symbol to be chosen for the chain. Daryl wasn’t all too thrilled about it at the time. It had confirmed what her closest friends knew. That she was cool. It was often repeated to her. “I didn’t think so,” was always her answer. Sorry, Dar. We win. Got the last word. You were. RIP, Dar. You are remembered … in our hearts, souls and print, like it or not! Love you forever more. Oh, she would kill me

It was considered a privilege and honor. They were chosen from the junior class at RFH to serve as the debutante-like ushers for the graduating class. All dressed in white and supposedly gracefully toting a chain of daisies, the Daisy Chain girls were a fixture of high school finery at graduations in the 1970s.

The origins of the somewhat upper-crust tradition date back to the 1900s, but this Retro Pic of the Day was snapped in 1978.

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