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Scene Around: A Fair Haven of Snowfall

From the still of the night to the pristine blanket in the morning, that first glimpse of a new snowfall is a window into moments of peace and purity.

However short the untainted peek, the solace it offers is generous. Enduring. So, take in the untouched Fair Haven snow moments from night to bright sunlight from the yards of three — Susan Culbert (night), Andreea Fegan/Little Bites of Joy (morning), Chris Rodriguez (light) — and exhale.

Hold on to that serenity snippet while you shovel it. Then read all about the upcoming weather for the weekend.

(Click on one photo and scroll for a full view. Enjoy!)

And here’s the weather from the National Weather Service …

Retro RFH Snow Day Drive

A reprise in honor of the first R-FH area snowfall of the New Year and nostalgia for the days of waiting for the snow day whistle to blow … Yes, before the morning phone call and electronic communications, there was only the fire horn to listen for on what all kids wished would be a snow day … No need for snow days in pandemic times. Virtually no need. Remember the horn?

It may or may not have been a snapshot of the infamous Blizzard of ’78, but there was not an SUV in sight, that’s for sure. Yes, those slick sedans slipped and slid their way right to school. Or not. There was a lot more fearlessness of the white stuff. That was the RFH golden rule of the era.

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Retro Rumson Snowy Estate Magic

“I remember when my grandfather moved here way back when Rumson Road was considered one the ‘most beautiful’ in the country,” said RFH Class of ’78 grad Monica Sheehan of what many might call a picture perfect postcard of the snowy day shot of sleighing down the driveway on the estate of the historic mansion The Hermitage.

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Retro Fair Haven Snow Daze

Third Street snow days in Fair Haven … Photo/Kathy Robbins

Since the weather forecast is still calling for snow, here’s a retro reprise as a reminder that snow fun is a simple way to cure what ails your COVID-weary soul. And, in the days before the internet and cell phones, finding out about a snow day was half the fun of the day, albeit a bit daunting … Honk blast aaaaaand sleigh … Who remembers the fire horn signal? What was it?

Call it a blizzard of snow day signals. In Fair Haven back in the 1960s (through the 80s), it was common practice for kids to rear their sleepy little heads and crack a smile when they heard the fire horn’s coded blast. In a Morse code kinda way it would “buuuuuraaaamp” that there would be no school due to snow.

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Fair Haven Dock Wrapped in a Snow Blanket

The snow started falling again on Saturday afternoon. And down at the Fair Haven Dock, the Navesink River had transformed into a blanket of snow against an white-out backdrop.

The scene was nothing but a big snow blanket to keep dock die-hards warm with some down-by-the-river serenity.

Take a look at our gallery for a glimpse into the snowy scene. Just click on any photo and scroll. Enjoy and stay warm!

Snow Issue: Delayed R-FH School Openings

All the school districts in the Rumson-Fair Haven area have announced delayed openings for Tuesday.

Rumson School District:

From the schools website

“The Rumson School District will have a 90 minute delayed opening on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 with the possibility that school may be closed. You will be notified tomorrow morning if school will be closed.

For the delayed opening the AM Preschool will report to school at 10:10 am to 12:00 noon. Students in grades K-8 will report to school at 10:10 am to 3:05 pm.

Please allow the same amount of time to report to your bus stop as you normally would.”

Fair Haven School District:

From the district’s website

“As a result of the current forecast for overnight accumulating snow and continued frigid temperatures, along with the need to prepare both campuses for students and staff, FH Schools will operate under a 2 ½ hour Plan B delayed opening schedule for tomorrow, Tuesday February 17th. AM Pre-K and Kindergarten both begin at 10:30; PM Kindergarten begins at 1:00, followed by PM Pre-K at 1:10. No lunches will be served.”

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School District:

From the high school’s website …

“Staff sign in is at 9am.
The warning bell is at 9:10am.
Period 1 starts at 9:15am.

Buses will be running this morning on a 90 minute delayed schedule.”

Here Comes the Snow — and Ice


The shoveling started again after an hour's worth of heavy snow blanketed the Rumson-Fair Haven area. Photo/Elaine Van Develde
The shoveling started again after an hour’s worth of heavy snow blanketed the Rumson-Fair Haven area.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Yes, there’s a change in the weather — a hazardous one.

After a long night’s worth of rain, temperatures plummeted to below freezing kept falling while a heavy band of snow fell mid-afternoon in the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

About an inch of snow blanketed the ice and freezing sludge within an hour, making driving conditions slippery and treacherous pretty quickly.

The National Weather Service issued three advisories for the area: a winter weather advisory, in effect until midnight; a hazardous weather outlook, advising people check regularly about slippery road conditions; and a short term forecast, cautioning the dangerous effects of the weather and heavy snow showers for Monmouth and Ocean counties.

The short term forecast notified the public of the following for the night:



The forecast for Monday night calls for a total snow accumulation of up to half an inch, northwest winds traveling anywhere from 18 to 26 miles per hour. Wind gusts could reach 44 miles per hour and the wind chill may dip as low as -1 degrees.

Tuesday is slated to be sunny with the same wind chill and a northwest wind of up to 13 miles per hour.