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Scene Around: A Fair Haven of Snowfall

From the still of the night to the pristine blanket in the morning, that first glimpse of a new snowfall is a window into moments of peace and purity.

However short the untainted peek, the solace it offers is generous. Enduring. So, take in the untouched Fair Haven snow moments from night to bright sunlight from the yards of three — Susan Culbert (night), Andreea Fegan/Little Bites of Joy (morning), Chris Rodriguez (light) — and exhale.

Hold on to that serenity snippet while you shovel it. Then read all about the upcoming weather for the weekend.

(Click on one photo and scroll for a full view. Enjoy!)

And here’s the weather from the National Weather Service …

Focus: First Snowfall of the R-FH Area

The first snowfall of the Rumson-Fair Haven area was actually a blizzard. The Blizzard of 2016, to be exact.

At least that’s what the weather authorities tell us. With accumulations ending up blustering and drifting into a couple of feet at least, the blizzard was, all told, weathered well in the area.

After a sunny Sunday that ushered in a bit of melting, the National Weather Service is calling for more sun with temperatures hitting a high of 36 degrees and a northwest wind of about 7 miles per hour.

The weather folks are cautioning that melting snow will lead to the usual flooding in low-lying areas of Rumson and Sea Bright and when temperatures fall at night, there will be ice.

Be careful. Oh, and take a look at our above Facebook collection of R-FH area snow scenes. Thanks to all R-FH Retro Facebook friends for the pics! 

— Elaine Van Develde

Snowfall Scene at Nightfall

By Elaine Van Develde

All was calm in the Rumson-Fair Haven area after the blizzard hysteria settled into nightfall after a manageable snow storm.

People shoveled, walked dogs, sledded down streets and a colorful sunset set in down by the Navesink River.

Life is good and all is well in the R-FH area.

See for yourself.

Click on the arrow in the center of the slideshow above and click on the bottom right corner for a glimpse into the scene set to music. Enjoy!

Down by the River Before Snowfall

It’s no secret that the Navesink River is a spot of solace for people who grew up in the Rumson-Fair Haven area or just have a sentimental spot for it.

No one knows that unsurpassed value better than this editor.

It was a nippy day along the river today, yet, somehow, a couple of spots still provided that usual dose of serenity.

Take a look at the photo gallery above for a glimpse into life on the Navesink. Just click on one photo and scroll. Enjoy!