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Rumson Schools: Hoops for Funds

The boys' teams from Forrestdale and Holy Cross schools prepare for a rebound during the annual Basketball Fundraiser. Photo/Rumson School District
The boys’ teams from Forrestdale and Holy Cross schools prepare for a rebound during the annual Basketball Fundraiser.
Photo/Rumson School District

Courtside was the place to be on Feb. 4 when the Forrestdale and Holy Cross School basketball teams squared off in the RFH gym.

A good time was had by all as the boy’s and girl’s teams took to the court to raise funds for both schools in the annual event.

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Schools Technology: Rumson Students and ‘The Hour of Code’

“Teaching kids to code is just as important as teaching them any other language. And the younger they start learning it, the better,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook at a Dec. 9 technology forum for the Rumson School District.

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Rumson Parents Take a ’15-Minute Child Break’ to Talk About Substance Abuse

The Rumson School District Parent Academy offered parents some insight on how to talk to their kids about substance abuse with 15-Minute Child Break, a program offered through the state’s Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey.

The organization is run as a collaborative effort between the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and the NJ Department of Human Services.

On Dec. 7 at 7 p.m., Rumson parents got together at the Forrestdale School Media Center to talk about how they are the key influencers in the prevention of substance abuse and learn how to effectively talk to their children about drugs and alcohol and their potential for destroying lives.

More than 40 parents attended the session hosted by Superintendent John Bormann, Forrestdale School Counselor Jenn Crow, and Deane Porter School Counselor Jessica Piernik.

The program is supported by research on substance abuse from Middle School Foundation of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey. This research shows that kids who communicate regularly with their parents about their daily activities — for as little as 15 minutes — are 67 percent less likely to be involved in substance abuse than those who have little or no communication.

The 15-Minute Child Break theory supports and empowers today’s parents with the assurance that they are still the strongest influences in their children’s lives.

The presentation covered the following topics:

• Talking to Your Kids About Drugs and Alcohol;
• Influence of Media and Pop Culture;
• Effects of Specific Drugs;
• Keeping Your Kids Drug-Free;
• Strengthening Parenting Skills;
• Utilizing Teachable Moments.

Additional information about the program can be found under “Child Break” at www.drugfreenj.org.

Information on upcoming Parent Academy presentations can be found on the Rumson School District website at www.rumsonschool.org.

— Edited press release from the Rumson School District

Meet Rumson School District’s New Superintendent

There’s a new superintendent in the Rumson School District.

John E. Bormann, Ed. D., was unanimously appointed to the district top administrator spot at a special Rumson Board of Education meeting on June 9. His start date is Aug. 1.

The board considered 32 candidates and conducted several rounds of interviews before choosing Bormann.

“When we did our research and checked his references, we discovered one good thing after another about Dr. Bormann,” Rumson Board of Education President Colleen O’Connor said. “His strong leadership skills and track record of successful interactions with teaching staff and with parents make him a perfect fit for our district.”

Bormann’s contract runs through June 30, 2020. He will be responsible for Deane-Porter School (pre-K through third grade) and Forrestdale School (fourth through eighth grade).

“I would like to thank the Rumson School Board for this opportunity,” Bormann said. “I am very excited to learn the Rumson traditions and history and meld that with my own vision, which is this — ‘If it doesn’t expand the possibilities for our students, why do it?’

“I have a special interest in motivating the stakeholders in our children’s education to help them become better learners for their own sake, and I believe that the road to success is in non-stop trying. I am determined to uncover how to make this happen for the students in Rumson.”

Bormann spent 19 years in the Spring Lake School District, where he served as chief school administrator for the past four years. He also has experience in the field as a science teacher, supervisor of curriculum, and superintendent/principal.

Dr. Bormann has a bachelor of science degree in Environmental Science from Rutgers University, a master of science degree in Educational Technology from Ramapo College, a master of arts degree in Educational Leadership from Georgian Court University, and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from St. Peters University.

A two-time recipient of the Governor’s Teacher Recognition Award, Dr. Bormann has also earned the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award. As a superintendent, he received the Monmouth County Education Association Friend of Education Award.

An avid reader, traveler, and gardener, Bormann lives in Freehold.

— Edited Rumson School District press release