Retro RFH Baseball Tackle Time

In an effort to pay homage to baseball season, these RFH baseball of a more casual kind retro pics, originally posted on April 10, 2019 are being reprised. Have you ever had a tackle strategy like this in your ball game?

Isn’t football the tackle sport? Well, that may be, but by the looks of things in this 1970s home run classic in the outfield, these RFH baseball players paid no mind to standard sports protocol. It was really all about the fun and laughs for them.

When this crew played ball, it was inevitable that it turn out to be a game of hardball pranking that culminated in a tackle. No running bases here, just major hit. And what a catch!

What was caught, exactly, besides a few laughs? Oh, it’s quite evident that they were up to something besides just playing the game. And someone ended up under that pile-up in the outfield. Who’s the low man on the stack? Hmmmm.

Recognize these baseball jokesters? Anyone know what was going on here? Can you caption these photos?

Many thanks, again, to George Day for these retro hit photos!