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Retro Rumson Firemen’s Fair Moment

Rumson Fire Department folks at the Fair Haven Firemen's Fair 2015 Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Rumson Fire Department folks at the Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair 2015
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

Reprise in honor of Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair week and Firemen’s Night …

Well, the fair is on and nothing has stopped it yet. But it remains to be seen if tonight’s tornado warnings for Monmouth County will blow what is usually Firemen’s Night/Family Night out of the fair grounds.

A tradition within the fair tradition is Firemen’s Night. Fire departments from across the state flock to the fair, most with reps riding into town on their towns’ fire trucks.

So, the Retro Pic of the Day offers a glimpse into Firemen’s Night 2015 with a photo of guys and gals from the neighboring Rumson Fire Department.

A big thank you to all our volunteer firefighters.

Recognize anyone in this crew?  Have you thanked a firefighter today?

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Retro Rumson Firemen

Rumson Fire Department line officers Joseph Brennan Slocum (chief), Bill Murphy and Kenneth Patrick Marass circa 1965. Photo/courtesy of Jo Ann Slocum Mazzucca
Rumson Fire Department line officers Joseph Brennan Slocum (chief), Bill Murphy and Kenneth Patrick Marass circa 1965.
Photo/courtesy of Jo Ann Slocum Mazzucca

The following Retro Pic of the Day was originally published on Jan. 4 2016. In honor of the Rumson Fire Department reorganization on Jan. 1 of this year, we are offering a look back at the reorg of 1965:

As tradition goes in the Rumson-Fair Haven area, Sunday was the day of swearing line officers in to the respective fire companies.

So, in honor of the time-honored tradition, the Retro Pic of the Day offers a glimpse back to 1965 and Rumson’s top line officers.

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A Congrats and Look Back at Rumson Fire Companies’ Reorg

As with all other fire companies, New Year’s Day was reorganization day for the Rumson Fire Department and its two fire companies.

Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect could not make the event this year, so, via the fire companies’ Facebook pages, we offer a congratulations and a look back at the reorganization with a list of the 2017 line officers in both Oceanic Hook and Ladder and Rumson fire companies.

Oceanic Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 …

Rumson Oceanic Hook & Ladder Fire Co. No. 1 2017 line officers
Photo/Oceanic Facebook page

Rumson Fire Department Chief Mike Trivett; Jim Anderson, lieutenant; Kevin McCarthy, captain; Bob Marass, engineer.

Rumson Fire Company …

Rumson Fire Company 2017 line officers
Photo/Rumson Fire Company Facebook page

Rumson Fire Department Assistant Chief Nick Luiten; Robert Boyer, captain; John Kirkpatrick, first lieutenant; Darren Berry, second lieutenant; Robert Eyerkuss III, second lieutenant.

Congratulations to the 2017 line officers and thank you for your service!

A Rumson Father’s Day Car Fire

A car went up in flames at Rumson Country Club on Father’s Day; and, just about as quickly as the fire ignited, it was extinguished by first responders.

With scant details, the Rumson Police Department posted a 24-second video of the Sunday fire at about 3 p.m. and the firemen putting it out.

“Great job by The Rumson Fire Department extinguishing a vehicle fire at the Rumson Country Club,” the post said. “Happy Father’s Day from R.P.D.”

Click here to see the full video.

No further details were available as of press time. Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect will add information when it becomes available.

— Photo/screenshot of Rumson Police Department Facebook page video

Rumson Reorganizes on New Year’s Day


By Elaine Van Develde

Rumson’s 2015 reorganization ceremony was a simple, reflective one.

There were no new Borough Council members to be sworn in. Re-elected incumbents Broderick and Ben Day took oaths for another term.

However, the coming year’s fire and first aid officers received their badges; and Mayor John Ekdahl gave his customary end-of-the-year speech.

The new fire and first aid officers are as follows:

• EMS Captain, Mary Nichols, who was also captain in 2014, took the oath for 2015;

• 2014 Fire Chief Robert Halligan was thanked for his service to the borough and 2015 Chief Kevin McCarthy was given his badge as was 2015 Assistant Chief Ronald Immesberger.

In his speech, the mayor called attention to:

• the deaths of three longtime firemen;

• the diligence and dedication of the officers in borough’s police department;

• the success of the Rumson Regatta;

• a nice Veterans Day ceremony in Victory Park;

• the success of the borough’s annual Christmas tree lighting;

• the annual DPW Toy Drive bringing in 520 toys for children in need;

• and DPW Director Mark Wellner’s recognition by the New Jersey Chapter of the American Public Works Association (NJ APWA) with a 2014 Superintendent/Director Award for his 28-year career with the borough.

The benediction was offered by Rev. Manning of Holy Cross Church.

Photos by Elaine Van Develde