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Living in the R-FH Area Past: 2021’s Top Retro Pics of the Day

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again … Sometimes you just have to live a little … in the past.

That’s the purpose of R-FH Retro’s Retro Pic of the Day. It’s important to remember from whence we came, so to speak. Remembering our roots is an anchor. It offers sharp insight into who we are. Who we have become.

Like it or not, it’s a big part of us all. And most like it, as evidenced by the popularity of the Retro Pic of the Day. Renting that snippet of daily space as a transient in the hometown past has become a favorite pastime of sorts for area people.

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In Memorium: Rumsonite Henry J. Coffey, 82

Rumson resident Henry J. Coffey passed away on April 28. He was 82.

“Henry was always cheerful, happy and with a great smile always the first to help.”

Loved ones of Henry J. Coffey in his obituary
Henry J. Coffey
Photo/family via John E. Day Funeral Home

Born in New York City to the late Henry and Jean (Moore) Coffey, Henry worked throughout his life for Chester Cable and City Service Oil Company. He retired from Paige Electric as its executive vice president in 2017.

Henry is survived by: his beloved wife of 62 years, Therese Moran Coffey, of Rumson; his loving children, Howard and his wife Elaine Coffey, of Red Bank, James and his wife Rosa Coffey, of Florida, Kelli Ann and her husband Dr. Lawrence Caplin, of Pennsylvania; his dear sister, Barbara and her husband Roland Babcock, of Nevada; and his nine cherished grandchildren.

Funeral arrangements are private. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations in Henry’s memory may be sent to Rumson Ambulance Corp. and the local food bank in Red Bank.

Focus: R-FH Area Faces of 2016 Part II

As 2017 approaches, Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect cordially invites you to take yet another look back at the people of 2016.

There were lots of major events, small gatherings and just plain priceless moments among Rumson-Fair Haven area friends, family and colleagues in 2016. We were there to capture them with our lens. So were you.

Take a look back with us at some of those moments with those people in 2016 … (Don’t forget to click the lower right icon to enlarge! Enjoy!)

Happy New Year and thank you for being a part of the R-FH Retro family!

— Elaine Van Develde, publisher & founding editor

Simple Summer: River Kayaking

It’s summertime and the living is filled with typical summer activity — and not-so-typical. We’re in the midst of a heatwave.

A lot of people in the Rumson-Fair Haven area have predictable seasonal habits — like vacationing, beach clubbing, beachfront partying … any number of things.

Then there are others who have opted to take the opportunity to just simply enjoy some quality alone time.

That was the idea with this kayaker who was just enjoying some coasting and contemplation time on the Navesink River at Victory Park in Rumson. This is a bit of a retro pic, as it was taken a couple of years ago, before the clinging jellyfish fear set in. But, you get the idea.

This moment is the kind of thing it’s all about with our Simple Summer weekly feature. What’s your favorite simple thing to do in the summer?

It may just be sitting at the end of a dock or taking a stroll on the beach or a swim. We’ll be out and about capturing those simple summer moments.


Focus: People of ‘R-FH Retro’

It’s been two years since Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect’s (R-FH Retro) domain names were registered and, bit by bit, publishing began.


In those two years, myriad locals at community events have been captured by this founding editor’s lens.

Check out our most-viewed shots of the people and events of the Rumson-Fair Haven area since the inception of the hyperlocal news and features site that ties the treasured past of the area to the present.

Thank you for supporting Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect! Stay tuned for many more special local news spotlights to come!

Retro R-FH Retro

Yes, friends and fans, it’s been exactly two years since Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect (or R-FH Retro, for short) registered its domain name and got started.

It’s been a great two years, sharing news, features and photos from the past and present with all of you!

So, to honor the first days of the website, we are posting the first photos posted on www.rfhretro.com. The very first, and featured photo, was a look from the dock of Eventide in Sea Bright looking onto the shores of Rumson. The other (below) is a photo of the Navesink River and Oceanic Bridge from the shores of Victory Park in Rumson.

Thank you all for your support and patronage of R-FH Retro. We look forward to bringing you more news and looks back than ever in the coming year.

Reach out to us at evd@rfhretro.com and find out how you can advertise on the site for a nominal fee and support the continued flow of news, features and photos at no cost to readers.

Thank you and enjoy! Here’s to the view from this beautiful peninsula we all call home!

With all thoughts good and hyperlocal,

Elaine Van Develde

publisher/founding editor

Reflecting on the Warmth of Sea Bright Beach and a Buddy

Best buds beaching it in Sea Bright. Photo/Elaine Van Develde
Best buds beaching it in Sea Bright.
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

That deep chill is still in the air and many minds are on warmth — like the toasty feeling you get when hitting the beach for some sun drenching and catching up with a buddy.

Our Retro Pic of the Day today is dedicated to soaking up that kind of sunny memory.

At the beginning of fall, Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect caught a moment between pals on the Sea Bright Public Beach.

Take a moment to remember such a snapshot in time of your own. And remember that the warmth will return.

Stay warm!

By George! Going Retro with an RFH Photographer

RFH 1978 yearbook photography editor George Day in his yearbook profile shot.  Photo/RFH yearbook screenshot
RFH 1978 yearbook photography editor George Day in his yearbook profile shot.
Photo/RFH yearbook screenshot

Our Retro Pic of the Day is in honor of George Day, 1978 Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) photography editor.

George did some excellent work, not only at RFH, but all over the area in the 1970s, and before and after that.

He got in touch with Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect; and, we are thrilled to say, he will be collaborating with us on some fabulous Retro Pic of the Day posts. We just may call them Retro Pic of the George Day posts.

Thanks, George! Great to know that you’re out there and will be contributing to this site! Your talent is and always has been appreciated.

The Year 2014 in Photos

While Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect has only been in soft launch mode for a few months, many moments have been captured in photos.

From the Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair to the holidays, many stories’ scenes have been set in those images.

Take a look at our slide show set to music to get a glimpse into the  highlights of the past few months of 2014.

Get set for the New Year. We’ll be seeing an awful lot more of you around the towns!

In the meantime, enjoy! Just click on the arrow in the center of the video and then on the bottom right icon to enlarge.