Living in the R-FH Area Past: 2021’s Top Retro Pics of the Day

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again … Sometimes you just have to live a little … in the past.

That’s the purpose of R-FH Retro’s Retro Pic of the Day. It’s important to remember from whence we came, so to speak. Remembering our roots is an anchor. It offers sharp insight into who we are. Who we have become.

Like it or not, it’s a big part of us all. And most like it, as evidenced by the popularity of the Retro Pic of the Day. Renting that snippet of daily space as a transient in the hometown past has become a favorite pastime of sorts for area people.

Peering into the past of the area and its people is not just for those who grew up in the area, either. It’s a window with the best of all views for those who are new to the area those who grew up here see as their own little Utopia — now theirs, too.

People often tell R-FH Retro that they “don’t know” the people or places featured in the Retro Pics of the Day. But they do. The past of the area is all twisted up in a knot of connection — the connection in which they are now intertwined in a small peninsula community with very few degrees of separation among them.

The view in our Retro Pics of the Day is an unfiltered ode, a focused look at what came before. They offer a glimpse of the journey that made home what it is, what it will become.

Take a look at the most viewed, most liked Retro Pics of the Day below, focus and find a piece of your present self in the faces and places. (CLICK on one to enlarge and scroll. Enjoy!)

The top five Retro Pics of the Day of 2021:

Retro Fair Haven Slice of Farmland

Retro RFH Homecoming Dancing & Courting

Retro Dance with George Giffin

Retro Rumson Dock Gang

Retro Reunion Times

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