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Police Report: DUI, Criminal Mischief, Theft of Services, CDS, Defiant Trespass

The following June arrests were reported by Rumson police. An arrest does not constitute a conviction.

• Melany Gonzalez-Trejo, 21, of Keansburg, was arrested in the area of Rumson Road and Bellevue Avenue on June 30 and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) by Patrolman Joseph Strohmenger.

• Robert Olshan, 28, of Rumson, was arrested in the area of Forrest Avenue and Carton Street on June 24 and charged with theft of services and defiant trespass by Sgt. Robert Boyer.

• Stephen Grosso, 30, of Fair Haven, was arrested in the area of West River Road and Bellevue Avenue on June 15 and charged with criminal mischief and hindering apprehension after numerous reports of broken mailboxes in the area.

• Courtney Larson, 35, of Middletown, was arrested in the area of West River Road and Second Street on June 4 and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) by Patrolman Donald Morse.

Rumson Police Take Their Car Theft Message to the Streets

Frustrated with a years’ long problem looming over the area in surge spurts and the unheeding of advice regarding it, Rumson police have taken their message to the streets with lit signage: “Car thieves are back! Lock your cars!”

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Rumson Police Break Up ‘Corona Party,’ Reiterate No Tolerance Policy

UPDATE: From the Rumson Police Department the day after the party, March 5, 2020 …

“On behalf of Chief Scott Paterson, the Rumson Police Department has received some inquiries regarding the status of charging the people involved in party. The matter is presently under investigation by the Rumson Police Department and charges are pending. A post will be made once the subject(s) have been served with a criminal complaint.”

Lt. Christopher J. York

Mid-COVID-19 pandemic, Rumson police on Saturday night broke up a front lawn acoustic Pink Floyd concert party of about 30 people in their 40s and 50s.

The department issued a released statement about the party and its participants’ defiance of pandemic social distancing and disrespect and disregard for the state’s stay-at-home” edict. Authorities say they have a zero tolerance policy that will be adhered to stringently.

As of Friday, there were 19 Rumsonites who had tested positive for the virus. In Fair Haven there were 14. Close by, over the Oceanic Bridge, in Middletown, the largest municipality in Monmouth County, there were 156 positives, the largest number in the county.

Here’s what Rumson police had to say …

“This evening the Rumson Police Department received an unfortunate call about a group of 30 people on the front lawn of a house on Blackpoint Road near Wood Lane.

“When our patrols arrived we were met by a group of approx. 30 ’40-50′ year old ADULTS who were located in the middle of Blackpoint Road and on the front law attending an acoustic concert of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits. (Some even brought lawn chairs).

“The impromptu concert was performed by two guitarists equipped with microphones and amplifiers who were also broadcasting the concert via Facebook live. 

“When we informed everyone that they must leave — in accordance with Governor Murphy’s executive orders regarding these so called ‘corona-parties’ — we were met with well wishes of ‘F-the police’ and ‘Welcome to Nazi Germany’ from this group of 40-50 year old ADULTS. 

“As the old saying goes, in the midst of all this chaos, the band still played on, that is until they were advised in the middle of the 1975 classic Wish You Were Here, that they must stop the show. 

“Sadly I’m sure we all ‘wish we could be here,’ and the Rumson Police Department takes no enjoyment in ruining anyone’s fun! However we ALL have a responsibility to take this pandemic SERIOUSLY and adhere to the social distancing requirement. 

“We also need to be a good role model for our children and be kind and understanding during these times. 

“Please use this incident as a learning experience for everyone! If we have to respond to another ‘corona party’ we will be using a zero tolerance approach and everyone involved will be charged with Disorderly Conduct.

“We are all in this together and together we need to make smarter choices.”

Rumson Police Chief’s Winning Plunge

Call it a double hail to the chief. As is now tradition for him, Rumson Police Chief Scott Patterson dove into a cause in which he believes — Special Olympics NJ — and ended up being the top fundraiser for its 2020 Polar Bear Plunge at Seaside on Saturday. This was his second consecutive year of swimming success as top individual fundraiser.

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Scene Around: Coffee with Rumson Cops

Rumson’s second annual Coffee with a Cop at Brennan’s
Photo/Rumson PD, Facebook
Scene Around: Coffee with Rumson Cops

Rumson police held their second annual casual Coffee with a Cop event on Wednesday and, by all accounts, it was a success.

The two-hour informal chat at Brennan’s Delicatessen was designed “strengthen the partnership between police officers and members of the community,” a Facebook post from the department said.

People were encouraged to stop at the popular deli from 9 to 11 a.m., chat with officers, ask questions and provide feedback to the police department.

Take a look at some photos provided by Rumson police on Facebook for a glimpse into the day. (Just click to enlarge.)

Rumson Police Seek Residents’ Aid in ID of Auto Burglars, Thieves

It’s something that’s been a common problem for in recent in the Rumson-Fair Haven area, and it’s happening again. There’s been a run of vehicle burglaries and auto thefts involving unlocked cars with key fobs left inside in Rumson.

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Scene Around: Rumson PD’s Newest Patrolman

There’s a new police patrol officer in town. Stephanie Lehner was sworn in to the Rumson Police Department at the July 10 Borough Council meeting.

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