Rumson Police Report: Smash & Grab Car Burglary

While continuing to urge residents to lock cars and valuables in them because of heightened car thefts in the area, Rumson police are alerting area residents of a different sort of criminal activity that is becoming rampant and occurred in Rumson this past weekend — smash and grab car burglary.

Rumson police are investigating a single incident of this type of car burglary that happened in Meadow Ridge Park during daytime hours.

This incident was similar to what the Tom’s River Police Department reported in a social media post that says the following:

Since the beginning of June, the central and northern New Jersey areas have been hit by a group known as the Felony Lane Gang.

This organized group targets parking areas of public parks, gyms, and recreation areas all over New Jersey with car burglaries.

A few things to be aware of:

• They are often driving rental cars with out-of-state plates.

• This group originates from Florida and drives-up the eastern seaboard to commit these burglaries.

• They are seeking purses in the car hoping to find bank checks, debit cards, and driver licenses. They then forge and pass the checks at various banks using the stolen IDs.

• They will drop off one person in the lot on foot who will utilize a spring loaded center punch to pop the vehicle side windows.

• The drop vehicle will often remain close-by and in an over watch position in case law enforcement arrives.

• They are very fast, usually in and out of a parking lot in only a few minutes.

• They have been known in the past to be armed, so if people see this activity should report it and not approach these people.


While the Rumson incident is still under investigation, it has hallmarks of the Felony Lane Gang’s method, though “it is unknown (as of yet) if the actors(s) involved are linked to the Felony Lane Gang,” police said.

The Rumson Police Department continues to urge everyone to remove all valuables from their vehicles, or lock them in a secure compartment, such as the trunk, where they are not visible.

If you have any information or need to report anything, police ask that you contact them at the Rumson Police Department at 732-842-0500.