Rumson Police: ‘Smash-and-Grab’ Car Burglar Strikes Again; Likely Gang Perp

What has been dubbed a “smash-and-grab” burglary has struck again in Rumson.

The burglary style matches that of a burglary incident that occurred in early June at Meadow Ridge Park, police said in a released statement. “These burglaries fit the modus operandi of the Felony Lane Gang that frequently travels the Eastern seaboard committing these crimes,” the statement said.

In this case, on Aug. 28 at about 7 p.m., patrol officers were dispatched to Meadowridge on a report of a vehicle burglary.

“The owner of the vehicle reported that she had arrived at the park at 6:15 p.m. and walked with a friend for 45 minutes,” police said. “When she returned to her vehicle, the rear passenger side window was broken and her purse was missing.”

Upon investigating, police determined that a window punch device had been used unsuccessfully on other windows before entry was ultimately gained into the vehicle.

Police advise in the released statement:

“Please keep valuables out of sight or secured in the trunk of your vehicle when left for extended periods of time in public parking areas. Do not approach or intervene if you witness this type of crime in process and instead call the Rumson police at
732-842-0500, or dial 911 in an emergency.”