Retro Rumson Easy Livin’ River Time

Photo/Snapshot of vintage Rumson postcard

It’s not quite the unofficial start of summer just yet, even though the weather today says otherwise. But, the living is pretty easy when you’re down by the river in Rumson.

The riverfront has often been referred to as a magical, iconic spot in the Rumson-Fair Haven area. The reputation was earned long ago with images like the one featured in a postcard of Rumson near what is now Salt Creek Grille, the Oceanic Marina and a hint of Victory Park.

Not much has changed, except that there’s no dock on which sunbathers bathe anymore. And that Rumson girl sunbathing on the dock? Well, she’s Alice Coyle Mansfield and her Rumson Dock days story is fascinating. They usually hit the beach clubs as regulars. One thing is a mainstay, though. When the sun drenches the riverfront, boaters boat, water sports enthusiasts romp, and residents migrate to their favorite spots to soak in all the splendor of Rumson-Fair Haven life.

So, what’s your favorite riverfront spot? Know what year this postcard of the Rumson waterfront features? What’s the building to the left in the rear of the postcard?