Retro RFH ’60s Daisy Chain Gang

RFH Class of 1965 graduation Daisy Chain
Photo/courtesy of Kim Christman

In honor of RFH graduation … Reprise of a classic originally posted in June of 2022 …

That’s the sight of the girls working on the Daisy Chain gang! When it comes to RFH graduation traditions gone, the Daisy Chain is a classic, well-remembered one. So are the links in the chain — the girls, not so much the flowers.

And some of the girls are still linked — even if a bit loosely. We resurrect our Daisy Chain girl story every year in honor of the girl herself, the abandoned tradition and, of course, graduation. And another RFH grad and former Daisy Chain girl reared her RFH head to give us a glimpse even further back in RFH graduation history.

Kim Christman, a link in the deluxe Daisy Chain gang for RFH’s Class of 1965 gave a little intel into the making of that chain. Holding it properly is another matter. This chain gal said her and the girls actually picked the daisies themselves, made the chain on her parents’ porch and, get this, “they floated in the bathtub ’til graduation!”

Now that’s a Daisy Chain tale of a different kind — the delicate flower kind. Christman doesn’t really remember how exactly she ended up voted onto the Chain, but you did have to have connections and some high class popularity going on.

Christman’s class connection was her boyfriend. He was graduating with that class. “Best class ever!” she said. He “put the dripping wet chains in his convertible to go to the high school (for the graduation). He was a good guy!!”

No wilting flower on that chain! And that chain was apparently got the white glove treatment. And we’re not talking about dusting. That and the sensible pumps and conservative, Jackie O.-looking white dresses and bob hairstyles was ohhhhh, so 60s.

This graduation was at Borden Stadium in the back of RFH, a standard graduation venue for many years. The girls on the Chain here are shown in their grande entrance formation to usher in the RFH Class of 1965 along with those administrators and teachers.

Recognize any of them? How about the girls on this Daisy Chain of ’65? Were you a Daisy Chain girl? What advice would you give a Daisy Chain girl of this era? Please don’t eat the daisies? Let ’em soak in the tub!

Thanks to Fair Havenite Kim Christman for this classic!