Retro RFH Baseball Catch

RFH baseball catch of the 1970s
Photo/George Day

You could say that this RFH guy of the 1970s is bending over backwards for a baseball catch. Something like that.

Fly ball! Fly guy? One thing’s for sure: He caught more than the baseball in the outfield. You could say he caught the spirit of playing the field in springtime.

Who is that grande catch commandeered by? Well, it could be any RFH guy of that era, but we’re thinking, from the outfits and a little information from RFH photographer George Day that it’s John Brinkerhoff.

So, call it a good catch while playing the not-so-feverish spring ball field.

Who else was out playing the field? Better yet, who’s the photo bomber in the background by that classic retro car? Exactly where were these RFH boys playing ball? Recognize those attached garage stucco houses? Hmmmm …

Play ball?