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Focus: Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge Close-Up & Travel Advisory

The Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge replacement is well underway. Here’s a photo gallery from a bit earlier in the fall and the latest update on construction directly from Monmouth County officials, including a travel advisory for Rumson-Fair Haven and Sea Bright area residents …

(Click on one of the photos in the above gallery to enlarge and scroll for an interesting close-up view of the activity and the original bridge.)

The following is bridge replacement activity, by area, for the week of Dec. 19. All work is scheduled for Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., weather permitting.

In Rumson and Sea Bright …

  • Two bridge pile deliveries are scheduled per day, Monday through Thursday.
  • Uniformed police will assist with traffic control during the deliveries.
  • Deliveries may now be scheduled between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. and will continue to avoid school drop off and pick up times. If the schedule changes based on field conditions, delivery may occur after 3:30 p.m..
  • For safe passage of all, the traffic delivery pattern involves temporary disruption of vehicle and pedestrian movement over the bridge and may affect traffic flow on Ocean Avenue (Route 36) in Sea Bright and Rumson Road (CR 520) in Rumson.
    • During staging of the pile deliveries, vehicle traffic across the bridge will be alternated in the westbound lane and the eastbound sidewalk will be closed.
    • During lifting and moving of the bridge pile to the trestle in the river, both travel lanes and sidewalks will be closed for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Additional bridge pile deliveries are anticipated every week, weather permitting.  With each delivery, vehicles and pedestrians may expect temporary lane and sidewalk closures as noted above.
  • Bridge openings for marine traffic will not be affected by the pile deliveries.

In Rumson …

  • Rumson Road will continue with one lane in each direction until further notice.
  • Flaggers or police officers may assist with traffic control during movement of construction equipment.

On the Shrewsbury River …

  • Work activity will continue in the water south of the bridge on both sides of the river.
  • The navigational channel width has been reduced from 75 to 65 feet. The reduction is expected to remain in effect until the fall of 2023.

Scene Around: Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge Replacement & Advisory

Yes, you can cross that Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge when you get to it. But there will be some intrusions through Thursday.

The long-planned new bridge is being constructed, as planned, parallel to the old, still standing bridge. However, the activity surrounding the bridge replacement may cause some disruptions in traffic flow to and from Rumson and Sea Bright for those few days, so Monmouth County officials have released a summary of what’s going on and where through Thursday between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., weather permitting. Take a look at the gallery above for a glimpse into the project (CLICK on one photo to enlarge and scroll.)

They have advised that people should be aware of the following travel disruptions:

Rumson Road, Rumson

  • The eastbound shoulder will be closed and both travel lanes shifted through Thursday.
  • Flaggers may be present to facilitate delivery of construction materials Monday through Thursday

Ocean Avenue (Route 36), Sea Bright

  • Flaggers may be present to facilitate delivery of construction materials through Thursday

Shrewsbury River

  • Construction of the temporary trestles will continue in the water south of the bridge.