Retro RFH Boys’ Jump for Baseball Joy

RFH guys play ball in the 1970s
Photo/George Day

It’s not every day that a casual baseball game causes a player to levitate — just one day back in the 1970s.

We’re not sure of exactly what happened here on the field, but RFH yearbook photographer George Day caught this home run of a shot — mid-air.

This group of guys was known to horse around on the ball field. And, no, it wasn’t an official RFH game, as you can tell by the lack of uniforms. These guys did have game, though. That’s for sure.

Two have catcher mitts in hand. It looks like, perhaps, a pitcher pitched. Instead of hitting, that’s first-year RFH Class of ’78 president Ward Tietz in full-on jump mode, missing the ball that seems headed for his feet instead of a bat. And his feet are clearly not in cleats, but, you guessed it, typical RFH topsiders.

Tietz seems totally unfazed by not only the ball jump, but the entire game.

And, that’s what they call playing the field loosely. These guys did it well. Recognize the others?