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Retro RFH Pre-Prom Fun

RFHers striking a casual pre-prom pose in 1975
Photo/Kathy Richardson Golden

A reprise originally posted in June of 2019 just because … it’s post-pandemic prom time …

Well, it’s half past RFH prom time. We know that some prom traditions prevail. Others do not.

One thing’s for sure, though, and that’s the prom fact that all good prom-goers gather before they set out for their quality prom time.

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Retro RFH Prom, George Giffin Style

George Giffin dancing at the 1963 prom Photo/courtesy of Debra Giffin Schluter
George Giffin dancing at the 1963 prom
Photo/courtesy of Debra Giffin Schluter

This is a classic that’s been seen before, but warrants another look, considering the timing …

The RFH junior prom was on Friday night. And the prom is all about dressing up, coupling up and dancing. Well, that’s most of what it’s all about, anyway. No teacher in RFH history loved to dance more than RFH science teacher of days gone by, George Giffin. He taught ballroom dance, he danced all over the place and he was even known to show up at many a student’s wedding and several reunions to make sure everyone remembered how it’s done on the dance floor.

There was even a George Giffin Memorial Dance-a-Thon in 2015 honoring the RFH legend.

So, what better Retro Pic of the Day in honor of prom time than a photo of RFH’s George Giffin dancing with his wife, former Knollwood English teacher, Marcia Giffin, at the RFH prom in the 1960s?

Take a look and click on the links for more info on the one and only Mr. Giffin.

Photo/courtesy of Debra Giffin Schluter