Retro RFH Prom Posers

1988 RFH prom pose
Photo/Heather Andersen

A reprise, originally posted on June 10, 2021, to honor the best of RFH prom times during prom season …

The colors were deeper, the hair was higher and hemlines, too. The top song was George Michael’s Faith. The year was 1988 and the pre-prom scene for RFHers was the same, yet different.

Yes, it’s half past prom time, but those classic moments linger in the mind. So do the photos through the eras. Those poses on the lawn never seem to change, no matter the decade. But the look is something else.

From the early 80s to the late, those hemlines, for one, crept up from the ankles to above the knees. There was a lot of strapless fashion going on. The look was a bit more daring and so was the attitude of the era, like the deeper colors. It all veered away from the signature RFH preppie look.

The best style era is in the beholder’s eyes, though. Your favorite era of prom dress? And the fashion statement that made it so?

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management