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Retro RFH Pre-Prom Fun

RFHers striking a casual pre-prom pose in 1975
Photo/Kathy Richardson Golden

A reprise originally posted in June of 2019 just because … it’s prom time!

Well, Saturday was RFH Junior Prom time. We know that some prom traditions prevail. Others do not.

One thing’s for sure, though, and that’s the prom fact that all good prom-goers gather before they set out for their quality prom time.

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Scene Around: Boys of RFH Junior Prom Night

RFH junior boys of 2023 prom
Photo/Susan Culbert

There’s nothing quite like a dapper boys’ line-up on junior prom night.

Saturday night was the night for the stylin’ cool freeze frame of that classic pre-prom moment for Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) juniors. The moment? It was one taken at Rumson Country Club’s Riverhouse. In keeping with prom picture and celebratory precursors to the main event, different groups of friends, dates and even snap-happy, sentimental parents gather at different spots to be posers and get set to prom the night away.

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Retro RFH Pre-Prom Moments

The pandemic has hijacked another high school tradition — prom. It would have been a big happening right about this time of the spring, and there would have been all sorts of prep — zoomed-in close encounter photos of friends and couples bonding, corsage and boutenir pinnings … those pre-prom poses. Time capsule moments of the bomb variety — as in disaster or picture perfection. TikTok? Hmmmmm … Not always.

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Scene Around: Decent Victory Park Proposal

Prom proposal for a birthday girl at Victory Park in Rumson on Sunday.
Photo/Maeve Bradley

It’s a place where many a Rumsonite has spent many a simple, reflective or milestone moment and racked up many a vivid memory, from childhood through adulthood — the Navesink riverfront Victory Park.

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