Focus: Moonlighting the Murky Way into 2024

With the New Year on the horizon, sometimes it takes some moon glow to light the way.

The murky skies may mask the stars, but the moon tells us they’re there and always within a dreamer’s reach. And what’s not to reach for when the fuzzy picture becomes perfect with a moon waxing full standing in for the hidden star atop the evergreen.

Evergreen. It’s not just the live tree’s forever color that has a bright meaning. It’s what the murky sky masks — that evergreen riverfront scene. Always there. Always lit by the moon and stars behind the sky’s dank weather veil. Always attainable as we reach for the light, dazed into the New Year.

** Thanks to Fair Havenite Susan Culbert for the misty weather pics! She spotted the spectacular moon-topped tree on a trek down River Road before Christmas and the rest by the river. **

Here’s the weather forecast for the days ahead, courtesy of the National Weather Service