Focus: Riding with the River Tide

Sometimes it’s just time to ride into the spring sun with the tide — down by the river, of course.

Now’s the time. When isn’t the time right, though? The bright light shows the way to the clarity of it all, though. The sun comes out, the water glistens and calls. The ride has begun. The ride into a tsunami of the simplest best of time-honored times at the Fair Haven Dock.

The dock may have changed over the years since Fair Haven’s existence, but the Navesink River it juts out to still plays the same part, ebbing and flowing with each ride down by its shores. Holding each ride with the times close. A piece of the dock etched indelibly.

The anchor is never lifted on the ride to river times. The moments stay. They will never leave. The sun is always there somewhere, casting its light on them. Always.

Take a look (click one photo to enlarge and scroll) and remember your time that stayed.

— Photos/Elaine Van Develde

There are some rainy days ahead, but the sun will return. Here’s the weather forecast from the National Weather Service …