Santa Lapped: ‘Ho, No!’

Three Rumsonites in Santa misery circa 2011
Photo/courtesy of Leslie Gronau

We have a once, twice, teetering on three times the misery in this Santa pose.

In our plea for some classic snapshots back in time of miserable children plopped on Santa’s lap, we got this one from a decade ago in 2011 from Rumson mom Leslie Gronau.

Usually there’s one of the two in a twin set in Santa misery. Or there’s that lone lapped cry for help to be freed from gloved monster clutches of the scary red-suited, bearded bringer of … well, trauma.

The promise of a big ol’ bag full of goodies or even a favorite toy just doesn’t cut it with these three. And don’t even think for a minute that a candy cane could sweeten the deal here. Nope. Well, it looks like the oldest is at least pondering the idea of a little exchange of tears for sought-after presents. Then again, he’s free of Santa’s mammoth mitts.

His arm rested around his little sibling, it looks like he may be muttering through that clenched fake smile jaw, “Sister’s a lost cause, buddy! Just keep cool, keep the crying to a cringe. Next time she lets out another wail, we blurt out our demands to Santa and make a run for it!”

The escape plan has been hatched! These three were freed and they likely got their goods on Christmas. Was it all worth it?

Well, yeah. Moments like this will make believers out of anyone. They’re all smiles now and getting a good laugh out of the spirited Santa cringe and cry time.

Thanks a lot for the gift, Mom!

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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good pose and chuckle!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management