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Retro Santa House Call

Santa comes to the Connor-Kelly home in Fair Haven circa 1980s
Photo/Connor-Kelly family

A classic reprise, just because … it’s Santa time!

Santa has begun making the rounds around the towns lately. You’ve likely seen him being whisked through the Rumson and Fair Haven neighborhoods over the weekend. It’s that time of the year.

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Retro Santa Trauma II

The Harvey boys' visit to Santa at the Fair Haven Firehouse 2015 Photo/Paula Harvey
The Harvey boys’ visit to Santa at the Fair Haven Firehouse 2015
Photo/Paula Harvey

The following miserable children with Santa photo and narrative was originally posted in 2015. We just can’t resist featuring this classic again. Meet (or re-meet) the Harvey kids … 

The search continues for Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect’s miserable children with Santa photos.

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Retro Firehouse Santa Tears

Mary Ellen and Tim Kelly with Santa at the Fair Haven Firehouse circa 1987. Photo/Evie Connor Kelly
Mary Ellen and Bill Kelly with Santa at the Fair Haven Firehouse circa 1987.
Photo/Evie Connor Kelly

This is our annual reprise that kicks off our hunt for those classic pics of miserable children not enduring their mandatory torturous visit with Santa very well at all. Come on, it’s pretty funny. What’s even more funny is that we just keep making them do it. So, get a giggle and boo-boo face in over the poor kids who are just fine (and adults) now and send us YOUR miserable children on Santa’s lap photos! Email them to evd@rfhretro.com. We’re checking our list and waiting! Read on …

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, that classic Santa pic with the kids just goes terribly awry.

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Focus: Waiting for Santa in Rumson

Santa Claus, Tim McLoone & the Shirleys, school choruses and a lot of festivity came to Victory Park at the usual spot on Sunday for the resurrection of the annual tree lighting.

R-FH Retro got a good glimpse into the pre-show fun. Take a look … (And don’t forget to click on one photo to enlarge and scroll. Enjoy!)

Retro Close Santa Encounter

Little Evie Connor asks for a Christmas wish from Santa at the Fair Haven Firehouse circa the 1960s
Photo/Connor family


A reprise from Dec. 13, 2018, because everyone needs a little reminder of Santa time close up and personal … 

As if one classic 1960s snapshot of a Fair Haven kid perched on Santa’s lap wasn’t enough … Clearly it wasn’t.

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Retro Santa Firehouse Visit Times

It’s the year without close Santa encounters. Santa came to town, but not to the Fair Haven firehouse, as with every year since the dawn of most area kids’ time. We’re told there have been some other masked, distanced Santa visits in 2020 pandemic holiday times, but the laptop visit is out, so is the firehouse extravaganza. So, in honor of the traditional visit, whispers, close-up scary gander at that beard, promises of being good and gifts, our annual reprise takes everyone back to that firehouse visit … or wherever … with Ol’ Saint Nick …

It’s that time of the year when a longstanding Fair Haven tradition has taken hold — photos at the firehouse with Santa.

It’s another Fair Haven tradition you can always count on.

I remember …

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Scene Around: Fair Haven Santa Cruising & Musing

Photo/Susan Culbert

There’s no keeping Santa from a little pre-Christmas drop-in, pandemic or not, especially when there’s a fire truck for the transport.

On the heels of a canceled usual holiday celebration in Fair Haven’s Memorial Park and knee-top Santa time at the firehouse, sirens a blaring, Santa cruised all the way around town on Sunday. Fair Havenite Susan Culbert captured a moment of the drive-by.

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