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Retro Schwenker’s Pond Time

Kathy and Pat Reed and mom on a visit to Fair Haven’s Schwenker’s Pond circa late 1950s
Photo/courtesy of Pat Reed

With the mild weather over the weekend and into the start of the week, R-FH area people were popping up all over the great outdoors  for a little fairer weather respite.

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Retro Schwenker’s Pond Skate

Rumson-Fair Haven folks, it’s cold outside! But it’s only cold enough when the pond freezes over.

Since it just might be cold enough to skate, we figured the Retro Pic of the Day would take you back to a day in probably 1970. On this day, the infamous call on the ol’ rotary dial phone (to a number that started with  Shadyside) was made to see if the ice was safe enough to skate on — and it was.

So, that day we opted to get geared up in high Fair Haven fashion, hold hands, glide, stumble, fall and freeze on Schwenker’s Pond. Dad came along with his Brownie camera, capturing that initial chilly, somewhat terrifying first skate moment.

This editor was never a very accomplished athlete, much less coordinated. There were lots of bumps and bruises at the end of that excursion. The sister, though, was another story. The outfits, we thought, were pretty hip.

Remember those stocking hats with the tassel on the end? How many times did yours get caught on the skate blade when you fell? Ahem …

No matter how war torn, that first skating day of the season was a hit on Schwenker’s or McCarter’s Pond. It was a plus knowing that the ice was thick enough to not fall in. See? Those little things are important.

Remember when there was that phone number to call to check if the ice was frozen enough for skating? Anyone remember that number?

Send us your Rumson and/or Fair Haven skating pics of the past at evd@rfhretro.com and we will post them.

Schwenker’s Duck, Goose, Gosling!

The ducks family of spring from Schwenker's Pond in Fair Haven Photo/Sandy Richards von Pier
The ducks family of spring from Schwenker’s Pond in Fair Haven
Photo/Sandy Richards von Pier

It may be dank, damp and drizzly, but a sure sign that a rite of spring has taken hold came in the form of a family of Canada geese dilly dallying around their Schwenker’s Pond home in Fair Haven today.

Fair Havenite Sandi Richards von Pier spotted the parents and four babies taking a little trek around the Schwenker’s Pond area neighborhood.

She says they made their way up the hill from the pond, and onto Chestnut Street and into and around the neighborhood and back.

So, she greeted them and captured the family walk in a picture.

Well, the fertility that symbolizes the season is evident right here, even though there have always been complaints about the overpopulation and mess Canada geese leave behind.

Isn’t that just ducky? OK, it’s goosey.