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Retro McCarter Skate

Carson Kirman gets to the winter sport of hockey and skating on McCarter Pond in 2015
Photo/Elaine Van Develde

It’s not as if most any adventurous kid wouldn’t try a little skating on thin ice in more ways than one. But, the ice was definitely thick enough at McCarter Pond in Fair Haven this one January day in 2015.

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Fair Haven: Saving Mucky McCarter Pond

The mucky state of McCarter Pond has pushed a passel of residents to try to get the Fair Haven governing body to find a better way to resolve the issue so people can see clear through the green, get the blob out and keep the longtime borough focal point functional.

It’s a matter that has been discussed at many a Borough Council meeting. Aerators have been installed to clear up what has become a  meadow of tangled duckweed and algae.

But, residents have said, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

So, some got together on Sunday and formed a group to brainstorm fiscally prudent ideas and research remediation.

Here’s what Councilman Rowland Wilhelm had to say in a Facebook post on the matter …

“This past Sunday, concerned residents who live near McCarter pond got together to form the Friends of McCarter Pond. This group’s goal is halt and reverse the deterioration of something that is a large part of the fabric of this town and will work with regional groups and Fair Haven’s government to do so (Full disclosure: I was elected to council in 2010 and still hold office).

“It is our belief that F.H. governing body recognizes the problems with the pond and has addressed some issues (five aerators have been installed and a contractor hired to remediate the green blob (its actually primarily duckweed)).

“However, dredging still needs to be done; as many of you already know the south side of the pond is turning into a meadow. As such, we will endeavor to assist the town council by providing focused research and alternative remediation and financing ideas.

“Why are we posting to Facebook? Frankly, we need help and know that there are many of you out there who care about this important focal point of our town as deeply as we do.

“What are we looking for right now?

“Simply your name and email address. What will we do with this information? 1) we can anonymously show town government exactly how many people care and 2) put your name on an email list to keep you current on our efforts. We will NOT SELL your information or give it away. How do you get this info to us … Just message me here (on Facebook).

“Please help us save the pond!”

Rowland Wilhelm and Friends of McCarter Pond

Note: The photo is one from a winter gallery of skating on the pond and does not represent the group.

Young Life on McCarter Pond

Yes, today was a day of skating and a little ice hockey on Fair Haven’s McCarter Pond.

Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect caught up with the kid we like to refer to as the junior Fair Haven mayor — sorry, Lucarelli — Carson Kirman.

Carson loves a photo opp. He’s always skating around town in one way or another.

Take a look at what the kids were up to today on the pond.