Retro Schwenker’s Pond Winter Wonderland Fun

Kathy and Pat Reed and mom on a visit to Fair Haven’s Schwenker’s Pond circa late 1950s
Photo/courtesy of Pat Reed

With the hint of sun and tinge of milder weather these days, R-FH area people were popping up all over the great outdoors  for a little fairer weather respite.

Some iconic respite spots never change, either. Some usually flock to Sea Bright beach and the riverfront for a little warm sun and solace to take out the winter chill. Others opt for another tradition — taking the kiddies to what used to be referred to as “the duck pond” to get a little fresh air, see the ducks that are still hanging around and, perhaps, feed them a bit. (No bread. Corn.)

It was always a popular pastime in the area. And back in the late 1950s, Fair Havenite Mrs. Reed took her girls Kathy and Pat for a stroll to Schwenker’s Pond to do more of the same.

Back in the day, these girls got quite gussied up for the little trek. And it always brought a smile to the faces. Simple, sweet pleasure of this place so many have called and still call home.

Yes, when the ice melted and the air warmed up a tad, there was nothing quite like a little walk and quiet time with the ducks and mom on the pond.

Your favorite iconic spot to walk to and contemplate or revel in a little peace and nature? Remember what the favorite brand coat, hat and shoes were of those times?

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