Retro Santa House Call

Santa comes to the Connor-Kelly home in Fair Haven circa 1980s
Photo/Connor-Kelly family

A classic reprise, just because … it’s Santa time!

Santa has begun making the rounds around the towns lately. You’ve likely seen him being whisked through the Rumson and Fair Haven neighborhoods over the weekend. It’s that time of the year.

But, what you may not realize is that the Santa of the streets where Rumson-Fair Haven area folks live has always been known to make some house calls, too.

It’s pretty common knowledge that Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick has to not only hitched a ride on the town fire trucks to make a grand entrance at the annual tree lighting or appear at the firehouse for those classic photos with the kids, but he has also been sighted on the firetruck, sirens blaring, stopping off at some kids’ houses, gifts and ho, hoooooliday greetings in tow.

That little tradition started way back when with a few visits to good little girls and boys about town for special reasons. House calls.

In fact, in our featured Retro Pic of the Day photo from the 1980s, Santa popped in on a couple grandchildren of the longtime Fair Haven Connor family, children of the Connor-Kelly family. These little ones are now in their 30s.

Which Connor-Kellys were sleighed by Santa in this shot? And how about that Santa? Know him? There’s one longtime Fair Haven Fire Department Ladies’ Auxiliary member who says this is her favorite Santa? Why?  Hmmmm …

Thanks to the Connor family for sharing this gem! 

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management