Rewind: For Crying Out Santa!

George Clark shuns Santa with tears in 2012
Photo/courtesy of Ann Clark

A reprise, just because … this solitary Santa trauma was just too classic not to repeat. ‘Tis the season, after all. 

Here we go again with a classic misery doesn’t love Santa’s company shot. 

While Santa sure is gaped mouth enthusiastic about this holly jolly occasion. Little George Clark, of Fair Haven, is not. Though, parents do cringe and wonder why foist the kids onto this freaky lap of misery, they (and we) can’t seem to stop laughing. The pose? Oh, sometimes that classic is all Mom and Dad want for Christmas. Got it? Good! Cheese? Limburger? 

This pic looks like a duet gone awry. Sour note Santa? You could say that. He certainly hit a bad chord with George.

George’s mom, Ann, tells us that he was at The Galleria in Red Bank for this 2012 pose that went terribly wrong.

We assure you that George is a happy little guy. He just had a bit of an aversion to Ol’ Saint Nick here. Well, at least Santa’s happy.

Merry Christmas, George! Smile! It’s not so bad anymore!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management