Scene Around: Digging the RFH Senior Pre-Prom Shindig

The scene in the Rumson-Fair Haven area on Friday was flush with a little TGIF and a lot of senior prom.

Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) seniors stepped out and into classic prom times 2024 with traditional pre-prom gatherings and festivities.

While some stick to the simpler front-yard poses, most these days gather at a Rumson or Fair Haven home for a bit of a party, parents included, before the main event. And those RFH seniors were primed for posing and funning for their final prom time together as high schoolers.

Back in the RFH days of the fossil, pre-prom wasn’t so much of a “thing.” The actual prom, however, was an all-night and into the morning event, usually ending with watching the sunrise at the beach in Sea Bright. Ahem.

Prom times are had in a much more staid — or so we think — and controlled environment nowadays — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And the outfits? Well, let’s just say that the guys and girls of 2024 are, or seem to be, the real fashionistas of the century, not to mention pre-prom fun aficionados.

Take a look (click on one photo to enlarge and scroll) for a glimpse into the pre-RFH Senior Prom times …

— Photos/courtesy of the parents — Susan Culbert, Jacquie Rice and Joanne Formisano