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Retro Look at a Model Longtime Fair Havenite for Her 90th

Who’s that lady?

Well, that lady … that sexy lady, as the song goes, is former longtime Fair Havenite Lee Weber (née Walker). Lee, long known as a model area mom with a generous spirit and heart, kicked the new year off with her 90th birthday on Sunday. Yes, 90! Yes, New Year’s Day.

This is a shot of her back in her modeling days in the late 1940s (roughly ’48, her daughter, RFH alum and Rumson resident Jenifer Weber-Zeller tells us). Bathing beauty, a/k/a Lee, modeled for Caroline Schnurer, a “very popular swimwear designer” of that era, Lee says.

In the post modeling days, Lee became Schnurer’s assistant, calling runway shows and such.

Lee now lives in Shrewsbury and is still looking runway ready.

See for yourselves …

Lee Weber turned 90 on New Year’s Day.
Photo/courtesy of Jenifer Weber-Zeller

Happy Birthday, Lee!

Reorganizing & Celebrating at the Fair Haven Fire Department for 2016

New Year’s Day was all about tradition, community camaraderie, fun and old friends connecting at Fair Haven Fire Department’s reorganization and open house.

With line officers for 2016 first taking their oaths at noon at the firehouse, a festive time of socializing was had by all for the rest of the day.

The 2016 line officers are:

Fire Company …

• Chief Michael Wiehl;

• Deputy Chief Timothy Morrissey;

• First Assistant Chief Matthew DePonti;

• Second Assistant Chief Christopher Shrank.

First Aid …

• Captain Kim Ambrose;

• 1st Lieutenant Amanda Lynn;

• 2nd Lieutenant Katy Frissora.

Fire Police …

• Captain Frank Scalzo;

• 1st Lieutenant Daniel Chernavsky;

• 2nd Lieutenant Douglas Anderson.

Auxiliary …

• President Amanda Lynn

Water Rescue/Dive Team …

John Felsmann, James Cerruti, Robert Frank, William Heath

Happy New Year! Congratulations to the new officers! And thanks to the Fair Haven Fire Department for the photos of the line officers taken before Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect arrived!

— Elaine Van Develde


Rumson, Fair Haven Reorganizations

It’s status quo for the New Year. Towns reorganize. Newly-elected and/or re-elected officials are sworn in, professionals are appointed and re-appointed, emergency responder line officers are installed and volunteers are named to committees. It’s called reorganization.

It’s also usually status quo for towns to hold their annual reorganization ceremonies on New Year’s Day.

This year, there’s a slight change in the Rumson-Fair Haven area.

While Rumson will still hold its annual reorganization at Bingham Hall, on Bingham Avenue, at 11:30 a.m., Fair Haven’s reorganization will be held, instead, on Monday, Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. in Borough Hall.

In Rumson, Mayor John Ekdahl will officially be sworn into his fourth four-year term as mayor.  In addition, the emergency response line officers will be named and sworn in. And, Ekdahl will give his classic “looking back on 2015” speech.

In Fair Haven, incumbent councilmen Robert Marchese and Eric Jaeger will be sworn in to additional three-year terms. Fire Department and First Aid line officers will be sworn in. Residents and officials will also be named to various committees.

Click here for the full agenda of appointments.


In with the New at Fair Haven’s New Year’s Day Reorganization


By Elaine Van Develde

Reorganization 2015 in Fair Haven brought a new council member to the dais — a lone Democrat — and new fire and first aid line officers.

In addition to Mayor Ben Lucarelli being sworn in to his first full four-year term, incumbent Susan Sorensen took the oath for her second council term. The newcomer to the governing body, Aimee Humphreys was sworn in to her first three-year and then took a seat at the dais for her first council meeting..

Fair Haven Fire Department and First Aid Squad members were sworn in as follows:

Fair Haven Fire Department line officers

• Chief, Scott Eskwitt

• Deputy Chief, Mike Weihl

• First Assistant Chief, Tim Morrissey

• Second Assistant Chief, Matt DePonti

Fair Haven First Aid Squad officers

• Captain, Joe Truex

• First Lieutenant, Kim Ambrose

• Second Lieutenant, Amanda Lynn

Fair Haven Fire Police Officers

• Captain, Lew Davison

• First Lieutenant, Frank Scalzo

• Second Lieutenant, Dan Chernavsky

Water Rescue/Dive Team

• Co-Captain/Sr. Administrator, John Felsmann

• Operations, James Cerruti and Robert Frank

• Training Officer, William Heath

Fair Haven Fire Department Ladies’ Auxiliary

• President, Trudy Wojciehowski

• Vice President, Amanda Lynn

New Year’s Day with Nature on Sandy Hook

As the American Littoral Society sees it, New Year’s Day is the time to take a walk on the natural side.

That walk is a unique way to ring in the New Year, honor the memory of a local environmentalist, get some exercise and soak in some nature in a national park. It’s the Jan. 1 American Littoral Society’s 39th Annuual Dery Bennett Memorial Walk on Sandy Hook.

The longstanding traditional walk starts at 11 a.m. at the Littoral Society’s headquarters, 18 Hartshorne Drive, on the north end of Sandy Hook, or Fort Hancock.

Walkers, asked to bundle up and bring binoculars, will proceed to the end of the Hook where they will try to meet up, across the bay, with a group doing the same thing.

Upon completion of the walk, hot chocolate and lunch will be served at the Littoral Society’s office. Participants are also invited to bring a dessert. There will also be a rain barrel project presentation by a Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School (RFH) student.

Derry Bennett, whom the walk has been named after since his death in 2009, was a Fair Haven resident and longtime director of the American Littoral Society (1968 to 2003).

The Littoral Society, founded in 1961 by scientists, fishermen and scuba divers, is a champion of marine environmental education and conservation.

New Year’s Day R-FH Area Reorganizations

By Elaine Van Develde

Both Rumson and Fair Haven’s reorganizations are, as usual, slated for the same day, same time — New Year’s Day at noon.

Though they are, naturally, in different places — Rumson’s at Bingham Hall and Fair Haven’s at Borough Hall. And, the agendas are different.

In Fair Haven, Democrat Aimee Humphreys will be sworn in to her first term on Borough Council. Mayor Ben Lucarelli will be sworn in to his first full four-year term in office after filling the unexpired term of former Mayor Michael Halfacre. Susan Sorensen will be sworn in to her second term on the dais.

Humphreys unseated three-term incumbent Jerome Koch. Shortly after the elections, with one council meeting left to the year, Koch was tragically killed in a bicycle accident on River Road.

Fire Department and First Aid officers will also be inducted into their new annual roles.

There are no new council members in Rumson to be sworn in for this year’s reorganization. However, the usual municipal reappointments will take hold as well as those of fire and first aid officers.

In Rumson, however, Mayor John Ekdahl is known for his annual speech. Which, he tells Rumson-Fair Haven Retrospect, will be delivered about half way through the ceremony.