Retro RFH Girl Gang On the Fence

RFH girls of the Rumson Rail Gang
Photo/RFH yearbook

Hail, hail, the gang’s all here — the Rumson Rail Gang, that is. Where’s here? On the fence, of course, in at least one way.

This gaggle of RFH girls back in 1974 somehow decided that they’d sit on the fence, literally, and dub themselves accordingly — sort of. OK, so the picket fence is a railing of sorts, hence the name? Hey, maybe they were on the fence about a name for their group or what it did, if it did anything. Maybe yearbook photographer and editor just thought “if the name fits, caption it.” Rumson Rail Gang it is.

One thing’s for sure: They weren’t jumping the fence. In fact, they look quite content perched on it. The photo in the RFH yearbook has to say it all. Nothing else does. No explanation. But, who needs one when the snapshot is snapped and the freeze frame back in time just says it all. Sort of. Enough, anyway.

There are a lot of smiles and, probably, laughs going on here. So, we’re thinking that’s the sound of the girls working on the Rail Gang. And that’s all good.

So, in a time when young women were getting more freedoms and becoming more liberated, we celebrate, a day late, International Women’s Day, with some simple fun among friends just sitting on the fence, content to stay put as long as they’re together ganging up on one another, no one else, for some good times. This pic was taken around the time when girls had just gotten the right to wear pants to school. Who remembers that??

Cheers, girls! Know these not-so renegade RFH girls of the Rumson Rail Gang?