Retro Gowned-Up Fair Haven Girl Grads

Fair Haven eighth graders have done both walks — the traditional final walk down Third Street and that graduation walk.

All the grads are always gussied up for the milestone moments. Though, back in the 1970s, there was no Third Street walk between the two schools, Knollwood and Sickles, just a bit of a gathering among grads on Knollwood’s lawn and/or gym, where the graduation always took place.

And, the poser grads always grinned from ear to ear over it all, clad in their best graduation dress. The girls of this era went with a lot of white maxi dresses, as they called them then. And they were quite flouncy and BoPeepish. This gaggle of grad girls also had the matching corsages to top off the high graduation fashion. And, hey, how about those waistline bows?

Midi or maxi was all the dress-up rage in those days. Mini was a big “No.” Now, the look is sleek and pretty stylish for the girls.

But, no matter what dress they were wearing, the Fair Haven eighth grade graduation feeling hasn’t changed much, save for a bunch of girls who don’t have to worry about tripping over their maxi in their sandals.

Hey, no matter the era, they all wear graduation well.

Congratulations to the Knollwood Class of 2023! Keep walking the walk!

— Photo/Jill Sorrentino