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Retro Rumson Cheers from Frank’s

Cheers to Friday, a Rumson icon and his iconic River Road spot!

That would be Tony Mellaci and his father’s bar, Frank’s. The door was always open at the place, welcoming Rumson friends for a cold one, a Mellaci sausage sandwich, a little camaraderie and good conversation among locals. The senior Mellaci, Frank, owned it and ran it with his son, Tony. The proprietors, they were.

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Retro RFH Girls’ Night TGIF Calling

RFH girls’ night at home circa late 1970s/early ’80s
Photo/Leslie Gunther

What do you get when you put a gaggle of RFH girls in a flowery ’70s wallpapered kitchen with a nouveau push-button wall phone? A girls’ night starring the phone. We’re not saying that was the case here, just imagining. Follow us in this inspired daydream into the past. Hey, there was such a thing — a girls’ night starring that phone.

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Retro Fair Haven TGIF Crew

A little TGIF kind of gathering at the Lang home in Fair Haven circa 1970s
Photo/Lang family

Originally posted on Feb. 25, 2022, we are reprising this one in honor of Jim Butler, who passed away a few days ago … RIP, Mr. Butler. RIP, all. It’s official, no one in this photo remains. The memories sure do, though …

Nothing says “neighborly TGIF” like a look back at what was a common kind of casual gathering of friends just because.

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