Retro Fair Green Carpet Roll-Out

A classic of a reprise in honor of the start of the Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair set-up and 59-year member John Felsmann (pictured with Tom Kirman), who recently passed away.

As the photo caption title on this Red Bank Register photo by Carl Ferina says, “Turf’s Up!”

It’s more like getting rolled out soon. But, whatever way you say it, the red, or green in this case, carpet is being rolled out for the return of the Fair Haven Firemen’s Fair with signs of set-up on the grounds.

This photo shows two longtime fire company members actually laying the turf for the miniature golf game that has been seemingly forever set up for the fair on the side of the firehouse.

The two guys? John Felsmann and Tom Kirman (senior). Kirman has not been with us at the fair for a while. His family, however, is still there, Fair Haven anchored. His son, Tom, for one, is usually seen calling out those winners in the Big Six cash winnings tent. Felsmann was still out and about on the fair grounds until last year. We won’t be seeing him this year, unfortunately. He passed away a few days ago. RIP, John.

This mini golf course that Kirman and Felsmann were putting together, longtime fire company member Ray Bennett tells us, was the second of many. “I remember when they made the first set for the golf course,” he said. “Then they had to make some new ones after years of use, this is the second set to be built.” The year was 1981.

“The first set of greens were used I believe in 1962-3,” Bennett added. “There where nine holes as it still is to this day. I remember that my dad (a tinsmith by trade ) made the traps, like a fire house with center door open front and back, a windmill with blades and a bridge to cross over to make it more fun to play, where all made of metal.”

That windmill has been a favorite of many.

Now, exactly what year mini golf was originally built and installed is the question. Anyone?

Miniature golf at the fair is a family tradition of gaming for some. Favorite hole on the course?

See you at the fair!

John Caroli
BCS Wealth Management